Aldershot : next building phase

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by comedy dave, Jan 25, 2013.

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    More houses. Old barracks. Gone

    Probably a good thing?
  2. When I eventually shift my arrse off this couch and go into the world outside, I shall take photos of what they are doing to Catterick. Super Garrison my arrse.

    They are taking history and giving it kitchens they can't cook in.
  3. Much of what remains in Aldershot are not "old barracks" unless you are young enough to consider the frightful system built concrete shit that was thrown up in the 1960s and 70s as being old.
  4. cant keep the place open boarded up? can they?
  5. When I was working in Buller for a short time, I really enjoyed looking around some of the old Victorian buildings, the stables etc. then popping up to the Library (amazing place) and paying my respects at the Cemetery.

    Never got to walk around one of the Para barracks though, however it looked gopping with those manky grey weird shaped buildings bet they could tell some dits though.
  6. Montgomery Lines were an absolute architectral monstrosity - the architect won awards for it, but was later slung in gaol.

    One thing I can't quite figure out: I thought the redbrick gym in the lines was a listed building, but that does not seem to be on the plan shown in the link, whereas what where 3 PARA and 5AB Bde Officers' messes are.
  7. Might that have been John Poulson, by any chance?
  8. Indeed it was. Quite interesting to read about his dodgy dealings. It seems that MPs of the day haven't changed.

  9. Whoever agreed to the idea that having the ablutions built in the centre of each floor was the way forward needed banging up themselves. I think more badly fitted windows and frames fell out rather than put through by pissed up troops
  10. Agreed.As an aside, when I was in 1 PARA Offrs' mess none of the sinks in the rooms would drain properly. The plumbers foud the cause to be decades of officers pissing in their sinks causing a buildup of uric acid crystals in the pipes which slowed the rate the sinks could drain.
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  11. Montgomery Barracks, so dull and depressing that they were used as a film set for Quantum of Solace for the Russian style town scenes.

  12. That red brick Gym was demolished in the 90's.

    Maida Gym & the Smith Dorrien buliding are still there!

  13. Ha ha!

    What about the fatigue men in the mess pissing in the food!

    I'll bet you've got a build up of uric acid crystals in your intestines now!
  14. That could be a problem if you needed a shit.
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  15. It's Montgomery Lines mate, not Barracks!

    I can assure you that although the buildings look depressive, but were anything but.
    Especially on a weekend when all the blocks were heaving with women.

    Usually local & not so local slappers that would descend on the Shot for some Airborne Cock.

    They were always well rewarded!
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