Aldershot Military Cemetery

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by portshort-starboardlong, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody been to the most important (arguably) UK military cemetery, at the Home of the British Army lately.


    Well if you had you would have seen that the grass has not been cut for over a month.

    That litter from the road is beginning to blow around the place.

    That the cemetery is UNMANNED!

    It is now open to every Vandal and Graffiti artist in the area! in their wisdom have taken the only employee that oversees the wellbeing of this important cemetery and moved her to other tasks not associated with this location.

    Aspire seem to think that saving a few pennies by taking the Only full time worker out of there is OK!

    Aldershot Military cemetery is the final resting place of Samuel Franklin Cody pioneer of flight in the UK, 3 VC's including Sgt Ian Mckay VC who is in the Falklands Plot.
    Graves date back, to the coming of the Army to Aldershot in 1850.

    Is this the way to treat Hero's.
  2. it's a disgrace,surely somebody at the garrison,should be in charge,or what used to be psa,so hows the royal military ,have they decorated it yet
  3. Perhaps a note to the Garrison Comd or Garrison RSM whould see them get up a swift works party to get things ship shape........then go kick erm I mean KNOCK on the door of those that are supposed to look after it.
  4. Aspire it seems have sub-contracted this job out to another company.

    We have had a phone call from this bolshy sub-contractor who tried to flannel over the problem first by saying that they had been doing the job. When it was pointed out that we have people who go in there most days and have reported that it is getting very bad compared to a few months back, he then tried to lay the fault at the door of his own staff who didn't have the necessary licences/health & safety. When told that was his problem he tried to put the blame on Aspire.

    The Buck Passing has begun!

    What we have here is an example of how civilians have no respect for the Forces, the War Dead or the Military Cemetries.

    It is an absolute insult to those who paid the ultimate price for defending their country.

    urdygurdy, The Royal Military Hotel is no more. It's been Flats for about 10 years now!
  5. It's the 'bean-counters' in the Govt again.... :evil:
  6. That might be true, but at the moment I tend to think that it's just bad contractors & even worse sub-contractors.
  7. When I ran past there this afternoon there was a bloke mowing the grass, maybe someone has bollocked them as it looked an angry man on the machine!
  8. Contractorisation has destroyed the whole garrison... however some ought to ensure the garrison CoS and RSM are informed post haste to debrief the bloody garrison contract manager...
  9. Yes Jack,

    I was in there this afternoon. It was the first time they have been anywhere near the place for about a month.
  10. This is in hand!
  11. Never mind the PARA graves, there are some other VCs and Field Marshals there too..including one with a VC - Evelyn Wood. Also a German with both the PLM and the RK!
  12. I did in fact mention that there were other VC's in there.

    There is I believe a Double VC and also one Irishman who had the VC revoked.

    There is a large section of Polish military from the end of WW11, plus Numerous Field Marshall's, Generals etc

    Graves that date from the Crimea, the Boer war, WW1 & WW2, Korea, plus quite a few from the Northern Ireland including victims from the Aldershot Officers mess bombing in 1972.

    The whole point is that this is a Very important Military Cemetery.

    The Contractors "Aspire" & their Sub-Contractors are letting things slip, all in the quest for more profit. This is not on!

    If it is allowed to go on in the way that they have neglected the place recently, it'll be only a matter of time before we see the graffiti artists.

    This Cemetery should be kept in the best condition as befits those who are buried there!
  13. For the uneducated Cuddles (me), whats a PLM and RK?
  14. Ah,

    I've been trying to work that one out.

    Haven't got the PLM yet'
    but RK stands for "Ritter Kreuz" Knights Cross,
    The equivalent of the VC, I believe.

    My grandfather has the "Ehren Kreuz" Cross of Honour for WW1.
    I have the Certificate Signed by Hindenburg, framed at home!
    Beat that Jack!
  15. The only sure way to keep these contractors in check is to take it to the press. I've yet to meet anyone who actually recognises contractors as being anything other than third rate work forces being run by third rate managers on third rate budgets, promising to do the job for a third of the cost and producing only a third of the goods. Get the issue in the press. The bad publicity will stir things up between the contractors and those who employ them.