Aldershot - Harsh but Fair?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Monte Carlo of Hampshire

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  2. Shithole of the South

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  3. Just Misunderstood

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  1. I see The Traf got a free plug there :)
  2. It's also on the front page of the Aldershot News today!
  3. Factually correct though LOL
  4. Did you used to live in the shot then?
  5. I spent most my youth/teen years running round Aldersh+t. Hence joining Her Majesty's Royal Marines rather than the shower of scruffy shoite other mob :D

    Whats up, your house price taken a hit :D
  6. No, I don't live there any more :D

    The maureens eh? Get yer hands up baby!
  7. Jeez Moody, that's a bit rough... You'll hurt his feelings...
  8. Double hand insertion? how far will they go and should I take my G-shock off
  9. Loved the Shot when i was there.
    Was good to visit last year for a drunken walk down memory lane as well.
    Cheers Traff!
  10. I'll drink to that,a good weekend 8)
  11. Dunno, best ask Faye Turney :D
  12. iv been living in the shot now for 20years and i must say that everything that is saidin that article is true!