Aldershot......ghost town

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fastmedic, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. I was in Aldershot on business earlier this week. Finished early and thought that I would bimble around and catch up on the sights.

    What I saw was a dilapidated, worn and sad symbol of the once great garrison town that I remembered in the early 90's.

    Deserted barracks, the once mighty CMH marking time until a developer snaps it up. Went for a pint in the Traf to reflect for a while. Felt a bit of a relic in a modern setting of the town. Tesco dominates the place. Many memories of being in the spiders behind the QA officers mess on Gun Hill. Cold in winter and oven like in summer.

    I left the town feeling depressed and sad at the way it has been allowed to rot by the government. Why? Is it because we are so self assured that another Falklands will raise it's ugly head and join the pit or stan!

    I know that I'm now out of the system, however I cannot forgive the way that Bliar and his cronies have emasculated the forces that once did, and still do a top class job despite poor support and ever decreasing budgets.

  2. I live just outside the Shot and have done now for 7 years, yes it is run down, however the Shot has always been a bit of a dump but i suspect that although the troop numbers have stayed the same, what with the current deployment climate the town always seems empty down to so many troops being away. many shops have closed down with no replacements, wont be long before there is not point going into town as there wont be anything left, farnborough is suffering the same fate, half the town is boarded up shops.
  3. I have lived in Aldershot for 15 years on and off, and I have seen it slowly fall apart. The worse thing that every happend to the shot was moving the Airborne Bde out. When it was there it had its own internal police system when you were out on ths town, each Regiment looked after it own, keeping down most of trouble. Now its a different story.
  4. Fellas. I served in Aldershot 20 years ago and now live in quarters in the town. Believe me it's better now. The quarters have been refurbished and many totally rebuilt. Once Monty lines is flattened together with the police station area behind the theatre the better.
    As for this internal police system, get a grip mate. At least you can go in a pub now without the threat of getting your head filled in because your not in the right regiment/squadron
  5. I'm thinking of moving myself and my family to the Farnborough/north Camp area to cut down the amount of commuting I do, can anybody enlighten me where are the best places/no go areas to buy and what sort of price people pay?



  6. here here
  7. Oneshot

    i live in south farnborough/northcamp which is the best part, very low crime figures etc, expect to pay upward of 225k, some parts of cove are ok but avoid all areas around Totland estate as its a drug ridden dive. My advice is if you have the funds by in south farnborough, north camp is a good area but parking can be an issue.
  8. You are not kidding. Had just got into my car outside my house, sat there typing into my gps and was flashed by some civvy coming to work in one of the North Camp offices.
    Wound my window down and asked him what he wanted. Asked me to hurry up and move as he wanted to park there as it was near his office. Told him to 'koff and use the proper car park, got back out of my car and went back in the house. Still see him most mornings but he parks further up the street.
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  9. I live in the 'shot and can boast of a train station, a sex shop, and 4 (that's right fcukers, 4!) off licences right outside my window.

    I also have a lovely panoramic view of the local tramps bench (and sick)

    And after a hard week at work, I soothe myself during the weekend listening to the birds.......screaming "oi you fackin cnut I fackin 'ate you ya w@nker squaddie caahhhnt, give me back my kebab, I ain't coming back to St Omer you facking chef tosser.....oi, tits first, I'm a lady you caaahhhnt".

    The''s a fcuking dump, but I loves it, honest.
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  10. Fook me moody - cracking sales women. Give us the number for the local estate agent.

    It's a lot posher in North Camp..
  11. No it's not...the dialogue is just different - "Oi, are you looking at my pint you civvy tw@t, I'm ex 7RHA mate...I'll fackin knack ya"
  12. ...ah luxury...I can't wait to get back there!
  13. but what about the whole parade of shops dedicated to motorbikes...wonderful or mini games arcade and just for oneupmanship, what about the Gurka Kitchen - much better then Tony's.
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