Aldershot Garrison Sgts Mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. anybody familiar with this mess? i'm off back to the UK for a few weeks and booked in there. just after some basic info: proximity to gym / pool / shops? internet facilities? how far is it from town? that kind of thing.

    obviously, any other comments about how bonk the 'Shot is are very welcome ;)
  2. Its about a 10 min walk to the centre of Aldershot. Garrison pool/gym is about a 15 min walk in the opporsite direction to town (just need MOD90 to get in). No internet facilities unless you actually live there and have had a line put in your room, you could use the library or AEC though. its a good mess.

    Thats if you get the Garrison mess, if you get the DOK mess, which is more or less next door, its a shite hole.
  3. I lived in for 5 years and loved the place. Couldn't keep me out of the bar! Get to know the guys that live in and you will have a good laugh and tell the barman to send me my "Span" Album that I've been asking for for the last 3 years - he'll know who am by you asking him. P.S he's a gwar :twisted: :twisted: