Aldershot Barracks-N E 1 been in DHE accomodation there?

I was wondering if anyone has been in DHE married quarters on/around Mons barracks in aldershot/northcamp. I am really worried about what i need to take into quarters with me and how far i will be from ammeanaties (spelling error)[align=justify]

There are some very decent quarters in the Aldershot area (unlike most of the singlies accommodation). I think they are basically split into North Camp area, South camp and Middle Hill. Goose green(south camp)has some of the nicest houses - but you'd have to drive/cycle to work and there aren't shops on the estate. North camp has a big NAAFI but I don't know what the houses are like (not as good judging from the outside) and you'd be closer to Mons Bks and North Camp shopping area. Middle Hill is nearest to town I think and there are some decent houses there too (again you'd have to cycle or drive to Mons but it's under a mile).
When you fill out your housing application you get to put 3 choices of area I think. Try to get around the estates and check them out first and see where there are empty ones (even ask pads in your regiment if you can look in their houses).
On the housing form you can tick which furnishings you want (such as beds, dining furniture, sofas etc). You have to use the supplied cooker but you'll need your own fridge/freezer, washer/dryer. All houses are carpetted and you can't change these. If you paint walls they have to be repainted magnolia again before you leave. You'll get issued curtains (but you'll probably want your own).
Basically, if money is tight concentrate on getting all your soft furnishings and stuff first (duvets, sheets, cutlery, saucepans etc). You can return some army furniture to the stores later when you get your own stuff.
Hope this helps.
cant say for certain - the quarteri had in willems park is now covered by the grocery department in tescos
I have been living in an FMQ on the Camp Farm Estate in North Camp, Aldershot for the last year - and the estate is actually right beside the back of Mons Barracks. The house is a good size for the two of us (shortly to be three - omg) as is the garden although some houses here really overlook each other! But the estate is in the middle of nowhere its a 10 minute walk to the Spar at the NAAFI - and 2o minutes to the nearest bus stop - if you can't drive you end up being a bit stuck especially in the evenings if you're husband has gone away - however right beside Lille barracks (Coldstreams) are a couple of really nice estates with better access to amenities - Ramilies Park is really nice and nearer to the shops in North Camp. There are some pretty new estates in Aldershot too - Talevera park is practically in Tescos car park. The DHE people are as helpful here as they ever are!

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