Aldershot Army Show

That's some fücking eyesight; I can only just make out the tents.
jack-daniels said:
Star attraction is me in the SSAFA tent!!

Jack, my sister want's to come and meet you, would you mind?

Took the old fella and my Son on Sunday, got soaked, well done to all the chaps manning the stands in shite weather, all the displays were very good (the boys favourite was the "Flying Gunners" ) got to say, where have all the associations stands gone, used to be loads of them, the only decent one was the Ghurka Museum which had a load of tshiry type pen thingy mini khukris stuff to buy, the RBL one looked like a indoor jumble sale, sad that so many civvy fast food vendors are allowed on, what happened to the days of getting all the trainee chefs over from Omer Bks to knock up the grub?

edited to add, next year arrse should consider a stand, Im sure a few quid can be made from merchandise along with a "throw a vomit soaked sponge at MDN/Flashy/Snail* (*delete as applicable) while locked in the stocks" type side show for charity. :D

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