Aldershot Army Show- suprisingly good!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brandt, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Call me a bit of a cynic, but I thought the days of the really good Army Show were long gone. I went with the kids a couple of years ago and it was a very weak version of the old Rushmoor arena affair that I remember as a kid.

    I have just been today with the kids and it was awesome. Eveything that I thought had been killed by the dreaded Elf of Safety was back- climbing towers, clambering all over tanks, sitting in helicopters, doing PT corps obstaclke courses, driving diggers, even belting ice hockey pucks at some poor lad in the RLC... The arena shows were excellent- the PWRR para team, White Helmets and King's Troop. Even the 'mock battle' didn't muck about pretending they were fighting 'Redland'- they were firmly on patrol in Helmand, bad guys tried to blow them up with an IED and got the good news from HMG, GMG, 105 then the big daddy GMLRS really spoilt their day. We got there at 10.30 and left at 6 when we were chucked out, and still didn't see everything.

    If you are anywhere near Aldershot tomorrow and have kids (or are still a big kid yourself), my advice is go. I think you can get in free in uniform (someone may be able to confirm this) but otherwise it is well worth the entrance fee.

    Oh, and a final thanks to everyone who put in the effort today- good effort guys. :D
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Agree - I was there too. It was really well done. And loads of people there too. Well recommended for any ARRSErs with nothing to do today. Just get yourself to Queen's Avenue.
  3. It certainly looked good from my seat in the plane that the PWRR blokes jumped out of.

    It' great to hear that we can still put good shows on like this and, if we don't, then where will tomorrow's blokes come from?

  4. Just come back from Show. Quite good compared to other years.
    Like all the new small brow Jungle hats....must get down to the QM's tomorrow and get them to demand these new ones!!
    Considering Gen Richards decree a few weeks ago shirts out and the afore mentioned jungle hats were not exactly in keeping.
    Good to see the various Corps etc trying to out-do each other on the recruiting stand. Was impressed with the RE one but im afraid the AG one won due to standard of females on it, esp the RMP bird.
    Arena displays were good, especially the human know whats going to happen but actually seeing the bloke fly through the air, its quite impressive.
    The Inf display was good for the public....well impressed with the way the Quad Bike rider was able to re-enact a accident....or was that not part of the display lads? :wink:
    Only bad point was the cost of food....£7 for a fecking cheeseburger!!!!! Chips (v small portion) sausage and bottle of Sprite...£6.50!!! Total rip-off.
  5. I was there on Thurs & Fri. Plenty of support from the brass on Fri, 3 x Brig and a Maj Gen kicking round the big tent at the dias.

    Amusing thing was the RSM from RIrish trying to round up big-wigs to take various salutes and the amount of Capts that suddenly rocked up to volunteer. The one that did manage to get his big gurning fizzer on the dias had his mate video it so he could show his girlfriend.

    Otherwise a good day. Rifles mates from 20BRAT in Bicester managed a good sun-tan running the paintball range, the kids rocking up to the SF(R) tent found themselves talking to a rustling bush, Gunners and HCF had some kit out for people to scrambles over, and a really good tent from the AGC Band who did a number of workshops and imprmptu performances on the sound stage. The weather was good too.
  6. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I was there with the wife and daughter, was a cracking day out on Sat, and got to wach both cry during the inf display (even after warning them when there was going to be a little bang).
    I must agree about the RMP bird. I was chatting to a captain I know when the yank was shot out of the cannon, we were both disapointed he wasn't creamed into the ground.
    In all, it was a bloody good day out and I will ry to make a point of going again next year.
  7. I went with the dog on Sunday, as no one else wanted to come. Excellent day out and certainly worth the trip. Now know my hound is not scared of cannons or tanks either (already knew gunfire wasnt a problem) although she wasnt too keen on the men dropping out of the sky :)
  8. I bet Dave'the bullet'Smith jr used to play with fireworks as a child. :D :D :D