Aldershot Army Show 2009

Firstly let me apologise for undoubtedly placing this thread in the wrong forum, I had no idea where to put it so decided upon this one. :)

Well anyway, I'm popping down to the Aldershot Army show this Sunday, probably going to take a few mates. Just wondering if it's any good really. Would be interested to know if people have been, or maybe even have been involved in some way whilst serving, and essentially if it's worth going to.

Thanks for any replies,

Matt :D
I went there 3 years ago(when it was hot as hell) and I had a cracking day!
It was all well organized and the displays were spot on!
One warning though, don't get too comfy with the Aldershot inhabitants. :wink:
Was going to go but the missus has roped me in to her Schools circus day. (she's the teacher by the way)


Book Reviewer
I've gone for the last 2 years, well worth it ;o)
Ah right, sounds good so far.

Found it on the internet, looks like a great day out with some amazing displays on offer. Can't wait to see the PWRR freefall team, or the shetland pony grand national! :lol:

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