Aldershot Army Show 14th - 15th July - Good effort guys

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Just wanted to use the power of ARRSE to say how good the RE Show was this year. There was other stuff going on, but, hey, I might be biased!

    Having visited the show for the first time in years, with friends and gaggle of children in tow, really impressed by everyone involved and the variety of RE careers and skills being demonstrated was especially good, given the Corps current operational commitments.

    Special thanks to the guys running the "Rescue Jordan and Peter" bridging competition, youngsters all loved it, and the sappers directing them were brilliant with the children. I have a few photos from the day and will post them on ARRSE in the next couple of days.

  2. please do, cratings will abound!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I went to the one at Bassinbourne. Thanks for the long chat guy with Glasses, thanks to all the fitters aswell, and Mr. Marine Fitter, aswell as the rest of you, decent guys, unlike the ones that just do combat, combat, combat.. ;) Nah some of them are okay too, just too disciplined and unapproachable sometimes :twisted:
  4. I thought this years army show was great! Not as good as previous years, but still a great day out! And yes i got to admit the sappers did have the best 'display' :)
  5. Quote of the day, was youngster later in the day telling another capbadge in another part of the show, saying "I'm bored here, I want to go back and see the God's of bridging" - no idea where he might have picked up that from! Cue, bewilded look from soldier. Oh, and he thought the Paras had the best bouncy castle!
  6. Well looky here.. best bouncy castle hey? I recommend the Royal Engineers in true fashion for next years show should buy 2 bouncy castles, bridge the gap between the 2, and then blow it up later.

    Bouncy castles left = 0
    Bridges left = 0
    Kids happy = Pricless
  7. I second that. CRE take note!
  8. Aren't you meant to blow the bouncy castles up first - otherwise they're not very bouncy?.
  9. Are you a distant relative of Basil Brush too?> :twisted: