Alcolhol with concussion

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spaza, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Hiya not sure what to do as im going away on rugb tour tomorrow and as you all know this will involve stupid amounts of alcohol :twisted:

    The bad thing is 4 days ago in our cup final i took 2 big blows to my head and got pretty bad concussion. I threw up 7 times so went to the hospital where they scanned me. It came up clear and im fine now but my mums friend came round whos a doctor today and said if i drink on tour after a concussion i may die! Thats a bit worrying.
    Tour is about drinking and playing rugby, but as i cant play i was hoping just to drink twice as much :D
    Not really too keen on the whole dieing thing
    Should i drink?
    Is she right?

    Cheers and sorry for the essay
  2. Your Mums friend....who is a probably right. Seeing as she's a Doctor and all (assuming she's a medically trained Doctor, and not a Doctor of science or whatever)

    Drink and find out.
  3. yeah thinking of doing that.
    Theres only 1 way to find out!
  4. Not a good idea mate - seen many a messed up twat in a serious amount of trouble from drinking whilst concussed. How I could even focus on the mirror in that state is beyond me.

    Where are you going on tour and how long for? Have you paid much up front?

    Do you have any tour virgins going with you? The easy solution if you have is use the youngest or most inexperienced player as your surrogate drinking beeyatch - this is quite effective as you can join in with non-alcoholic drinks and feck up as much as you want and they get all the forfeits, vomit and hangovers. (Start to pay for his drink until they are too far gone and they will/should feel suitably obliged to buy you drinks in return either when you've recovered or on next years tour.)
  5. cheers cc ta going to france tomorrow till monday. no tour virgins and all the same age lol.
    The surrogate thng does sound like a good idea but i kno id just end up holding people over toilets throwing up or trying to break up fights.
  6. In that case, ask the tour senior to appoint you a beeyatch for any of the following;

    (And swap to another beeyatch when another offence is spotted.)

    Drinking a gay drink
    Wrong handed drinking
    Spitting not swallowing
    Not pushing back hard enough
    Incorrectly dressed
    Correctly dressed

    Etc, etc.

    The trick is to keep the tour senior / fines master well lubricated to make your head survive.
  7. Now, that is pretty sound advice....
    Went on tour with your symptoms, and ended up having a disc removed due to my 'heroic' attitude towards the game.
    At the end of the day it's all down to long term self preservation. Give the self esteem a knock on the head this time....
  8. Spazza don't touch the sauce after a head injury. You have years of partying ahead of you. Mrs K is a nurse and has seen quite a few folk present themselves in A&E after concussion & going on the lash in her earlier days on night shift. Give it a miss. It really is not worth it. Enjoy the tour but your health is more important.
  9. How about you don't drink or play, and stop being such a tube.

    Concussion is all part of the game. And drinking on it, wont help at all. Even if you don't die.

    Both affect the brains normal function, so as you can imagine combined their effects are worsened
  10. yeah cheers for the advice guys.
    think ill just try and not drink, maybe 1 or 2
    Ill just do drugs instead!

  11. Ibuprofen and nicotine? - I hope that's all you'll be taking! (If not, try not to get caught and enjoy yourself young man!)

  12. Farcical logic. By your reckoning you should be able to tell us all about liberal university reform in the 1840s. Your move, Prince...