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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffnp, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Just saw the news and Scotland is considering bringing in a standard charge per unit of alcohol. Say 25p per unit, a can of Skol will be about 75p and Stella about £1.30. What about wine and spirits ?

    The problem does not lie with the cheap alcohol, but the irresponsible attitude of those who consume it.

    Best solution would be to arrest a drunk and disorderly person then fast track him through the courts (as they did with football hooligans) on a Monday and fine them £500.

    That way those who drink responsibly will not suffer.

    If alcohol goes up it will solve nothing, people will make their own or steal to afford it.
  2. Replacing duty or just an additional revenue stream?
  3. Or smuggle it in from abroad.

    That's another subject that may well have already been done to death on here. I recall a report that if the Import Duty on fags and booze were reduced to fall roughly in line with the rest of Europe, because smuggling would be pointless, the gubmint would be getting their pound of flesh from all sales which meant they would get some silly figure that I can't even envisage more than they are getting now.
  4. I think what the Scottish Health Secretary is proposing is a minimum charge per unit of alcohol, not a standard charge per unit, and not a taxation proposal (which would be for UK government).
  5. Do what the yanks do and introduce arule where bars can't serve you if you've had too many?
  6. Or, locate other sources. Ten quid a litre, twice the strength of whisky and duty free in the UK. Can't argue with that, can you?
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Trying to get the Scots to drink sensibly has about as much chance of success as trying to get Germans to be polite.
  8. We already have such a rule, it's just not enforced.
  9. Yep that's the one :)
  10. S141 Licensing Act 2003

    A person commits an offence if, on relevant premises, he knowingly:

    a) Sells or attempts to sell alcohol to someone who is drunk; or
    b) Allows alcohol to be sold to be sold to such a person.

    However it's only normally enforced when the bloke moves from quietly pissed to duty d*ckhead, and starts to make a nusance of himself. Other than that, he's either spending his money, or hasn't been noticed.
  11. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Another stealth tax in the making.

    First Scotland,and if that goes down with not too much trouble,then England will be hit as well.

    Mind you,the way this country is going,nobody will be able to afford to drink,anyway.Except the MPs.
  12. Yeh, i know what this is all about :!: The government dont care a shite about how much we drink, they have just cottond on the fact that thier is a profit to be made here, and how much they can screw us all for :!: "Take the whisky off the jock and you will have a blood bath on your hands" :!: ---- :D
  13. A perfect business opportunity to open a chain of Off Licenses on the border (England side) flogging cheap booze to the jocks.

    Its my idea so fuck off.
  14. I once worked in a snooker club, which was open until 2am. When I was still new, a chap asked me to serve him 8 (yes eight) double vodkas in the same glass, nothing else, no ice. I told him I couldn't do that, he'd be on the floor. He said he always had that. I looked at the other barmaid who had been there longer, and she told me to serve him, they always did. He used to do this on a regular basis. Then he would get drunk and abusive, and they would kick him out, like he was nothing. I thought that was awful, they would take his money, then toss him away. I ended up making friends with him, and discovered that the reason he was trying to destroy himself (and he was) was because of a bad marriage and divorce. I took time to talk to him, but nobody else could be bothered.
  15. Was he a good shag..???