Alcohol makes women stupid

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Green_Machine, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Gents just thought i would share this perfect example to prove alcohol makes women stupid...

    Mrs Green machine is usually a bright lass, puts that minger vorderman to shame.

    Picture this;

    Early knock off from work, nip into town to pick up a copy of King Kong, stop in at the local for a few pints..
    Get home - DVD on, about 30 or so min later Mrs Green Machine turns to me and asks..... So which one is King Kong? Aha i thought this must be a "waahh" So i calmly i say pretending to be paying attention to the film, "say again dear" - to which she replies - "which one is King Kong, who turns into King Kong then?"

    Oh dear. Has anyone else experienced the unfortunate side affect of alcohol on their better half’s.
  2. Mrs Puttees doesn't need alcohol. Amusement on the cheap. :)

    Edited to add:

    Sometimes not so cheap - it takes a hell of a lot of gloss to paint over a wallpapered wall!
  3. Spent a night in the bed of a very intelligent girl who was absolutely gorgeous but also spent most of the night throwing up... think that counts as stupidity on her part :p
  4. Well you know what happens when you stick your fingers down your throat..... :lol:
  5. My god man, what were you doing to her! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. I was buying her wife beater all night!! That's all!!!

    I was the perfect gentleman, I held her hair, let her sit on me so she was closer to the sink (didn't make it to toilet), let my hand be puked on and then do various other things before keeping her warm all night (only sleeping mind, I'm too well behaved :oops:)

    *smiles with innocence*
  7. What a sweetie you are.
    Try buying her gin next time! :twisted:
  8. You stuck YOUR fingers down HER throat? While she was sitting on your face? Serves you right.

    BTW, you don't need to let women sit on you to be closer to the sink. That's why they have t1ts. :wink:
  9. LOL

    She's 30F and 5' tall... she needed help with the sink :p

    I didn't stick my fingers down her throat, she threw up through excessive alcohol consumption. My hand was pulling back stray hairs when it was decorated with stella and carrot chunks. She was sat on my lap!! Can I protest my innocence anymore?
  10. You charmer, crabby.

    Should have popped a bag of rohypnol in her grid while you were at it. :roll:
  11. Face, lap, whatever. Were you never taught as a kid that it's naughty to pull a girl's hair?

    And that's a pretty amazing bra size. Got any pics?
  12. Loads of photos and you're not seeing a single one. I didn't pull her hair - I'm lovely. I was holding it back for her and massaging her back to allow her to throw up easier... both fully clothed

    Anyway, enough of her alcohol fuelled mistake... What about everyone elses?
  13. Before we misread you as a gentleman, perhaps you'd care to read your first post on this matter.

    It distinctly infers that while the intelligent(???) girl was throwing up, you were knocking out Zs in her bed. Or perhaps you were knocking something else out.

    Very fishy....

    Edited to add:

    Must post something soon as I'm on 666!!!!

  14. After she'd stopped throwing up we retired to her bed, smaller than a single, where I kept her warm for the next few hours. Indeed she ended up giving me backache as I was rammed against a wall where there was some stupid wall-light and I had to breathe in vomit-breath all night. On the other hand the evening was great fun and I wouldn't not have that night for the world, a friend is never a true friend until you've seen them like that.
  15. Crabby, someone was stupid but I dont think it was the doris hurling her clack up. :roll:

    Youre telling us you didnt even wipe your man tube on her forehead??