Alcohol Licence problem

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by antphilip, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    Have had a slight setback and was hoping that someone might have an idea around it.

    Due to a paperwork cock up a Hall, where there were meant to be 3 parties in a week, will not have an alcohol licence in time for these parties with there being no more allocation of temp licences left for this year.

    Therefore I was hoping one of you legal eagles or rule saavy or pure genius types might be able to help me find a way around this problem without bankrupting the group providing the parties through free alcohol.

    Addition: -I'm told selling tickets for the party which can be exchanged for alcohol is still considered a money transfer and therefore needs a licence.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. Make an "account-system".
    All participants must pay either a fixed sum or one of their own choosing in advance to those fixing the booze, not over the bar (the definition of "in advance" is open to interpretation). An account is then opened on each person, the correct sum is deducted from the users account every time he collects a bottle/drink. No money changing hands in the room. Further, everybody being a "member" (adding their name to a list at the door/in advance) would also help, the party thus not being open to the public. And make sure you have a return arrangement for the crate of lager cans you didn't sell.

    Worked for me!
  3. PS: the account/member list also makes it possible to reimburse people at a later date if they did not manage to empty their account
  4. It was some years ago that I had to deal with a similar situation; we were informed that we could ask a pub licensee to run the bar for us. However, we considered this might be difficult because the function we were holding was to be on a weekend night and the licensee would, most likely, want to be at his own establishment. In the end we made it a "bring your own drink" function.
  5. The Church used to get around it by holding a raffle, the prizes were alcholic drinks (of your choice) and you had to buy a raffle ticket to win....

    Funny thing was, everyone was a winner!
  6. Seen a variation where everyone gave a "suggested donation" per drink - depends if you can trust who you're serving.
  7. I think getting another lisencee to do it is your safest bet. Go to a bar thats well established and offer the lisencee payment, they always have a trained manager who can hold the fort. Wheres your little gathering at?
  8. It's not, by any chance, an Eid-ul-Fitr party, is it?