Alcohol Issues and the Primary Care Context

Hello ARRSErs.

I'm wondering if I could request the help of some of the professionally qualified ARRSErs who work or have an understanding of this area?

I am applying for an assistant psychologist post, and one of the essential requirements is that I need "a broad understanding of alcohol issues and the primary care context".

I was wondering if anybody on here could maybe advise me on this please?

I've worked with this population in a residential context as a support worker, but have no idea what I need to know to meet the above, or where I could find such information.


For a broad overview I can recommend "Alcohol problems in the Community" edited by Larry Harrison and published by Routledge; my copy is 1996 so there may well be a newer edition.
What specifically are you looking for the health problems caused by the alcohol, the health problems caused by the way alcoholics live hygiene is not always their top priority, or the mental health problems they have which leads in alcoholism and the ones thet acquire whilst drinking.
It would be useful to know what sort of Asst Psychologist post you're applying for and where ie, what setting. I was a substance misuse nurse once upon a time so should be able to help.
Sorry cant help myself...let me get this clear your asking a load of medics and medical types if they have an understanding of..and let me get this clear in laymans terms...what the problems and implications of excessive use of alchohol are ?

Errrr you ever been to Emmas ? :roll:
Thanks for all the replies everyone - I've not been on for a while as I was celebrating that I graduated with a firm 2:1 (missed out on a first by 2 per cent!). Sadly this job has been closed due to too many applicants (something I have to get used to while I'm trying to get a foot in the door!).

Thanks Psychobabble - the post was with Brixton PCT, and was mainly for assessing individuals with alcohol problems & delivering/designing low-level interventions, plus auditing & research type stuff.

I asked somebody who works in alcohol research about what I needed to know about issues etc, and they said should read up on two interventions which I think he said are based on motivational interviewing/harm reduction which I guess also relates to self-determination type stuff.

Thanks again,


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