Alcohol Free Hangover

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Legs, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. T'other night I had to go to a function with my OH. It was with her workmates, and the general rule is; her do, I drive. My do, she drives. That's fair enough.

    Now, as everyone with an ounce of sense knows, you don't drink booze if you're driving. So I scanned the menu and ordered an Alcohol-Free Weitzenbier. It even tasted OK. So I had another two or three. Then sober as a judge I safely drove us both the 25 miles home.

    The next morning I have the most amazing, blinding, crippling hangover. Vomit and everything. Shit, I felt like death warmed up.

    Why would an alcohol free beer induce such an awful hangover? I thought it was the alcohol that dehydrated you and caused it. Any clues?

    I promise you this though - next time I'm drinking Coke!
  2. It sounds like you're allergic to one of the ingredients. There's nothing much you can do about that apart from avoid the stuff; no problem if it's only alcohol free beer that causes the reaction.
  3. Im afraid iamalondoncrab seems to have hit the nail on the head. Even alcohol free contains traces of alcohol (I think Becks for example makes the beer and then removes the alcohol for its alcohol free).

    I noticed I was getting really sick and long lasting hangovers after drinking (which I had never suffered before) and after 2 years of experimenting and removing drinks I have had the official nod that I am intolerant / allergic to alcohol.

    There is no definitive test to prove whether it is the alcohol molecule, and additive (sulphites are notorious for allergies) or other chemicals which causes the reaction.

    I hope that it is only that one drink that affects you!
  4. Legs,
    After several years of trying to kill myself with the standard weissbier in the fatherland, I wonder if the unfiltered yeast in it might have been partly responsible for the killer hangovers/guts of doom I get after drinking it... If so, it might be the yeast that did you in?
  5. Maybe, although I've drunk the stuff for the last 5 1/2 years without any problems.
  6. I've drunk milk all my life, but had a month off it when I was away in Northern Chile. I hate UHT, so was gagging for milk when I got back to Belfast. Came back, went down the Spar, bought 2 l and had a nice pint of cold milk. This was followed by an afternoon spent largely on the karzi, and a headache that Mrs Stella would be proud of producing, and I started to suspect that it might be the milk.

    Every time I have tried it since, I've had the same consequences, so i'm guessing I've become something I've always scoffed at: someone with an allergy!

    Not happy of Belfast
  7. I think an allergy must be it. I drank this stuff on Friday night, and this morning my head still is throbbing. At least I'm not throwing up any more.

    An alochol free weekend. Who'd have thunk it?
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I can't remember who said that alcohol free beer is like going down on your sister. It tastes the same but you know it's wrong.
  9. So....if I understand this used to be a man.....was awfully confused so went through "gender re-assignment"......and you're seeing a woman??

    Why didn't you keep your real c0ck, and use that, instead of a plastic one?

    I've never seen the point of drinking alcohol free beer??