Alcohol advice from one of THEM

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chalice, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Has he not got anything better to do, like writing another 'gripping thriller'.
  2. A & E consultant Mc nab??????WTF
  3. Its got to be the real Andy McNab because theyve blacked out his photo with the beer. :roll:
  4. Can't be the same one, else there'd be a gripping account of how he took on the entire row of optics single-handed.
  5. With no mobile comms, so he couldn't call for backup
  6. definitely not the same or it would have his three day withdrawal from xray to A&E after an xray went wrong and his whole crash team were killed or captured by the dreaded laboratory technicians
  7. Well spotted – just had a rather snotty PM from a bloke called Dave claiming it IS the real AM, though not real beer but a Special Brew Cocktail from the members of B squadron, whatever that means.
    And apparently AM was so peeved by the accolades that MDN got for his charity work that he volunteered to work in Swansea A&E over New Year and put out a press release about it. He got an honorary consultant position due to his vast medical experience and natural intelligence.
    Dave also informs me that AM is a ‘top bloke’ and I’m not to call him a walt again or they’ll send someone round. And, yes, they know where I live.

    Guess I stand corrected then.
    Still don’t see how triage, darkened rooms and black nasty are going to mix too well, though.
  8. Sorry? Did you just really say that? You a virgin or something?? Some the A&E staff here are well fit... allegedly :p
  9. He had to find a REAL decent job after his laptop got nicked. :D

    Hre was fed up with all the slagging we gave him after portraying himself as a Security Consultant.
  10. He bigs up The Kingo's in his new book so now i have to like him.

  11. How can you big up a Reg with a past reputation for being druggies?
  12. I think theres a few Kingo's who have gone into personnel security at Liverpool players residential homes over the last year.
  13. Before or after players houses started to get robbed? :D
  14. What book is that then?