Alcohol Abuse

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by .338lapua_magnum, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. I recently developed Diabetes Type II and was asked by the nurse how much I drink per week, my answer was nothing. She then asked if I drink at all, I replied yes but I don't drink on a regular basis. Was then asked how much I do drink when I do, replied on average between 6-10 pints, was then asked how often and answered once or twice every couple of months. This, according to statistics and her, make me a binge drinker. My reply was perhaps I should go with the recommended weekly intake as that seems to be the better option as far as stats were concerned. Needless to say, that wasn't the right answer either!
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  2. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    It's amazing the punishment that you can put up with. I used to guzzle about 14 cans of Guinness unless there was a reason not to, pretty much every night in Germany.

    If I'm honest, I carried on with heavy supping long after I left... less each night (about 8) but far far fewer nights where there was a reason not to. It was part of my diet pretty much. It started catching up with me when I was 35/36 and it caught up ******* fast. Put on about 2 stone in less than a year, so I had to bin it because cutting back just drove me mad. I drink 8 cans if I sit down, not two.

    How I never ended up 20st/diabetic/alcoholic I'll never know. I've seen people who drink far less get into much more trouble.
  3. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I stopped drinking altogether and came down with type 2 diabetes. Mind you I had kicked the Arrse out of booze for 40 odd years,but that couldn't have anything to do with it could it ?? I have gone from over 20 to 18 stones since xmass. To be honest though I dont feel and affects from the diabetes unless sleeping for England counts .
  4. I get the same effects, sleepy at times but otherwise feel fine. Could be the meds though.
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  5. My doctor was once advising me of the perils of alcohol, not that I drink that much now, but I commented that I would prefer to die a few years 'early' due to alcohol than inflict 20 years of me with Alzheimers on my wife. She didn't really give an answer.
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  6. They made up those safe limits anyway, same as 5 a day, just a guess. **** 'em.
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  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Agreed. Nannying on invented figures to prepare you for a minimum price per unit for your own good.

    Brewing 9 gallons of Challenger IPA this morning with some Cascade for dry hopping. Kegged 7 galls of an Amarillo and 8 galls of Saaz lager just off for lagering.
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  8. Well, I really hammered the old amber nectar for 20 or so years, especially when in the army through the 1960s and 1970s. I packed up the amber nectar in 1989, and have been sober for nearly 24 years. Yes, I go to regular meetings of the 'Other AA', and have been quite happy not waking up as resident of Old Bills bedrooms with bars on the windows, or in A & E as a public nuisance, as my old paw would say.

    I have to loose around 8 to 10 stone as I could be a candidate for type 2 Diabetes. I want to get back to my weight I was in the army at around 13 stone. The scales at my local surgery said... 'Error'. So I am heavier than the 19 stones I thought I was - more like 23 stone. I have lost a couple of stone since early January - just means I can't feast on Big Macks and Double Fries and Buckets of Chicken Wings. I don't want to look like a male version of the Chubsters posted in 'down Blouses etc' in the NAAFI Bar.

    So, keeping loosing weight those who have to...... my dream is to be able to wear something like Borat's Mankini on the local beach, so long as he has washed out the skid marks other stains........lolo
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  9. Im unsure that unit pricing is the answer. Multi agency approach is probably the key.
    Govt changing drinking laws for a vision of french street cafe culture wasnt going to work.

    In the UK we work some of the longest working hours; work hard/play-drink hard. The weekend is for getting trollied and falling over and ending up in A&E (thats a good night???) Its probably ingrained in our traditions and customs. Youngsters see that to have a good time at 18 you need to go to the pub and get smashed. Thats probably how they see their parents and peers and a right of passage when at 18. Just a thought.

    When you join the Army the unwritten code is to drink and fallover. During my time in the colours I saw the effects of alcoholism on some soldiers. It wasnt particularly nice. And in my career now, see the effects of chronic and acute alcoholism. Most chronic alcoholics have other co-morbidities and social issues too.

    Me? A small crate of 12 real ales from my local brewery will last me a couple of weeks. When I get eventually get to 65 - "Here, have a low dose aspirin"
  10. One point I will make though is I got a breathalyser due to the laws in France saying you need one. If I have seven cans of Strongbow on a night i'm negative for alcohol the next morning if I have 8 cans i've a small amount of alcohol left in my body. If I have ten cans i'm over the limit and not fit to drive until mid-afternoon.
    Yes i'm not the same metabolism as everyone else and my eating habits will be different but it did surprise me.
  11. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I notice that useless oxygen thief Diane Abbot chipping in on the article

    "Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott said: "This has got to be a wake-up call for the Government and the country, because after more than two years of bitter internal rows, the Government has got cold feet about its only proposed alcohol harm policy."

    Here's an idea Diane - how about 'proposing' that any alcohol abuse related treatment in hospitals is carried out at the victim's expense? i.e. you need a liver transplant for CHOOSING to rot it in the first place, you pay for it?

    That way, the rest of us sensibile, occasional drinkers get our prices left alone, while the ******* suffer - and more importantly, the government don't get to pocket the vast majority of that minumum 45p per unit.

    PS - Million - what on earth are you going on about?
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  12. [​IMG]

    " I'm not disgustingly obese, I'm just big boned!"
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  13. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    That's really you in the avatar, isn't it?

    How the **** do you get to be ten stone overweight? Few pounds ok... but surely when you hit the couple of stone mark a man say's to himself,'****'s sake I'm getting a bit porky there' and does something about it?

    Never understood that.
  14. People are always wanting to be like Markintime, they can't help themselves, he's got a cult following now and many disciples.