Alcohol Abuse or Social Drinker

With a lot of media attention on the subject almost weekly, I was wondering what bracket Arrsers put themselves in.

Me and 0A having finished work for the day, like to un-wind with a few drinks in the evening and a good natter, not so much that we can't get up at 0600 the next day but we are guilty of exceeding the reccomended limit and often retire to bed a little tipsy, but i must stress not p1ssed!

We have a few more on a Fri night and once in a blue moon (Mess Functions) we have a blow out! We do not drink on a Sun!

During Ops/Ex i live quite happily without a drink, so whilst the Goverment would say it was alcohol abuse and exceeding limits, I say its more a social way of chilling out!

What do other Arrsers do in the evening to un-wind?

My local tobacconist has a particularly fine mixture.

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