Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Lepus, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Ok guys, we all love to have a drink or two,

    But on a serious note, what would be the ideal alchoholic drink from a weight loss point of view, that does not hinder muscle growth. Ive heard various stories, but have not been able to get a straight answer. I don't drink during the week, and my excersise regime is 2 nights of intense rugby training, an evening at the gym, plus 4 miles a day on the bike to and from university. Just trying to complete the cycle!



    P.S. I am aware that lager and beer are a no-no, so any othwer answers apart from these
  2. Vodka - a purer form of alcohol, contains no addtitives. Get it down yer neck!
  3. got it - skimmed milk with vodka chasers ...

    ... hope this helps ...
  4. Seriously.....sounds a bit rank.....

    One of my m8s advised white wine spritzers........

    Makes you look like a biff though
  5. Gin is supposed to be the besk with diet tonic. Gets you drunk with minimum calorific content
  6. Please bear in mind that this is from a ladies point of view here, but equally valid for chaps (who drink with their pinkies sticking out).

    I've just had a look in a Slimming World book for you- the least points the lower in calories the drink is and consequently the better it is for you. You are allowed 15 points a day-

    All measures are 25ml unless stated otherwise:

    Baileys- 4.0
    Brandy- 2.5
    Gin- 2.5
    Jack Daniels- 3.0
    Metaxa- 3.0
    Pernod- 4.0
    Pimms- 3.0
    Rum- 2.5
    Southern Comfort- 4.0
    Tequila- 2.5
    Vodka- 2.5
    Whisky- 2.5

    White wine (142 ml small glass)- dry- 4.5
    medium or sweet- 5.5
    Red wine- 5.0

    Bottles (about 275ml)
    Bacardi breezer- 9.0
    Carling- 4.0
    Guiness- 5.0
    Strongbow- 4.5
    Bass Ale- 4.5
    Stella- 5.0
    Kaliber 2.5

    I hope that helps you make a decision! My suggestion if you don't want to look girly is to stick to the rum and coke (diet if you can bear it!). Or vodka and coke.

    Otherwise, don't even go near the pints. Sorry mate. :cry:

    Best of luck with that- remember though that Gin will make you depressed! :?
  7. I'd stick with the beer and just exercise more if weight loss is your goal.
    The shame of drinking white wine spritzers or some effeminate pre-mixed vodka/fruitjuice combo will stay with you for life.
    Gin & IT, is a fine drink, but its hardly SU fare is it?
    Michelob Ultra is a low carb/calorie lager aimed at the health concious, but I've tried it and frankly, its rank.
  8. Holsten Pils is pretty low carb I believe. Be sure to wear a digital watch and a wide lapel jacket for the full 80s vibe.

    Slimming World looks more like the Somalian Diet for Beginners if a bottle of Stella = 1/3rd of your allowed intake for the day.
  9. Michlob, made by the same people who brought us Budwiser and we all know that is like drinking urine. Whats a light version going to be? low carb urine!!!
  10. I tried the whisky plan diet.

    You drink as much whisky as you can! You're either too piissed to eat or if you've just ate - you throw it all back up again!

  11. Definately not Vodka it has 30 calories per 35 cl and is one of the most fatting drinks. Your best bet is Whiote wine like your mate said or G&T!!
  12. Drink what you like. Just make sure you drink so much of it that you throw it all up again before sleeping!

  13. Sounds like it's time for someone to hang up his drinking boots ... ??!

    Wasn't it Arnie that said 'I don't drink milk, it's for babies, I drink beer'

    ... and he looked like a right beer monster, didn't he ... :roll:

    See you in the juice bar Rab :wink: :lol:
  14. The link would have sufficed, pentwyn.