ALC Contract or is it just another lets rip of the MOD contract

Discussion in 'REME' started by Trollox, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. ok need a bit of advice. just been told by my MTWO that we need to do level 2 repair to the units FLRT on charge from ALC. Apparntly ALC only come and do the inspections and servicing. Theywill can carry out Lvl 2 repairs if no one is qualified within the unit, but will bill the unit.

    as i recall the contract is for around 600mill pounds for the maintence repair of all plant equipment held for 16 years.

    there opening statement on there website "The contract provides and maintains a worldwide fleet of deployable Engineer Construction Plant and Rough Terrain Mechanical Handling equipment for the MOD. In order to get the maximum capability out of the equipment, a full range of support services are also provided including spares support, a technical documentation service and provision of training for operators and maintainers, to ensure that every element of the contract works as efficiently and effectively as possible."

    looks like now we are doing the repairs for them. looks like a good deal that 600mill we have spent!!!!! am i going to see any of this 600mill to repair there equipment.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Are you a contracts lawyer?
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  3. no just a very pissed off artisan having to fix a f**king FLRT and some civi twat gets to knock off early..

    note to self : on leaving army get 600 mill contract with MOD and do absolutely f**k all it says in it, move to nice tropical island and live to good life..... and breath...
  4. Don't have nothing to do with looking after FLT's. The RFM contracts them in when required and then sends them back, all servicing is completed by the contractors, or this has been the case for the three years I've been in post.
  5. I did the Rough Terrian Handlers course back in 1997 and people were asking the same kinds of questions then. As I pointed out I had a good few days on the piss in Marchwood to do the course and when fixing them pointed out that ALC (or who ever it was then) were reluctant to go over to Bosnia at the time to fix them the same as when i was over in 460 Port Troop Falklands its up to us to fix the kit not civvies as I found out with the knackered Groves cranes and new kit we got. Im sure its just the same when your fixing it out in Afghan or where ever else you go to where Iso containers etc find themselves. As an artisan myself just get on with it as it doesnt matter what size, shape or packaging the kit comes in its all the same principles or those Tiffy ******* will start to gang up on you.
  6. You normally post some good stuff TI but this is certainly far from your best (as a low life-tiffy I'll spell it out to you as you are a dogs danglies Artisan - CRAP). You've missed the point he was making (he was having to do the work a civvy contract was put in place for & not followed through) and threw in the old Artisan v Tiffy bollocks for good measure!
  7. You are right I didnt really read the initial post, just read it back and I can see where hes coming from with us being stiffed to do work that should be paid for...however I was being honest about us having to know the kit and have hands on it as I found in both bosnia and The Falklands where the kit they provide has to be worked on by us Tradesmen. When i did question the same thing I was told by those a hell of a lot higher than us that it is down to us to repair that kit on tours etc but ALC are supposed to honour it in the UK/Germany.......I think the RE know a lot more about this as they have copious ammounts of equipment covered by them but It was mentioned all this is in a contract somewhere and who is liable to work on what. I have been on a number of exercises where we have got ALC to come out in the field and repair some kit but I was trying to lightheartedly make a joke on the fact that WE should as tradesmen have a go...........or the REME tradesman I once knew and loved will just become a FITTER and rely on ABRO/ALC to do all the main work. Im probably talking shite again as feel as rough as a badgers if my posts are deleted on Sunday I will of reread and edited. I love you Tiffies you know that........well done to a few of my old lads who just got there HNDs today and good hunting out there on your first Tiffy postings in the next few weeks......hopefully you will get a good Artisan to keep you straight.
  8. Fixed that for you mate & well done to your mates, I hope they do have a grounded tradesmen (AKA Artisan) to keep them honest & away from the shop floor, I've been blessed by having the likes of flyslikeabeagle, or Shrek to his mates, & the Glimmer man to keep me honest:eye:
  9. The Iron, on ops i have no problem with because civies just take far too long. but in germany and in camp. i mean 600mill and im not going to see a pay rise for the rest of my army career (18months). but i just cant see how we pay 600 mill for such a shit deal. ALC(Babcock) really have taken the army for a ride again. i think maybe someone from the monoply's commitee should have look at babcock. seem to have alot of contracts with the MOD and proberbly ripping us off in all of them.
  10. I've seen the contract work now in 3 seperate Theatres, it can be good if you know how to use it, try reading JSP818 before you slate the contract this badly. It's available on the defence Intranet, is not too thick and is quite well laid out. Fair do's, they don't always get it right, the new Iveco Tracker SLDT is causing some problems, but the range of equipment and the capability now available for issue is much better than what we had before. Do you really think we'd have had a Coles replacement and container stuffers without the contract, did you ever see civilian companies using the JCB410. Oh and the spares, ever supported a Hydrema, they lasted long didn't they.

    REME are responsible for something like a 55% split with ALC on Level 2 maintenance in UK/Germany, 100% everywhere else. But we're always entitled to assisted maintenance, be it an engineer on the phone or the man in a van. This ensures that we maintain competency for when we do need to support the equipment on operations. How this was ever meant to be assessed I don't know, the contractor can hold us to it though and I seem to recall several years ago the contractor was pushing back.

    Finally, from a green perspective, REME are responsible for Level 2 maintenance to the vast majority of such equipment, RE Ftrs are only meant to undertake Level 2 in a REME organisation.
  11. Trollox,

    Fully agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not knowing the full details of the contract, but having seen it in action you're right. I'd suggest your MTWO agrees with you as well, but he (or she) may well find it easier to just get you to do it (as he (or she) probably outranks you and would prefer to gob off at you than a civilian). Its not right but it happens. Best you can do is crack on and get a copy of the contract ready for next time it happens or bring it up on EC meeting.

    Bit like what The Iron says really, even if he was a bit hard on the poor little tiffies.

    Like the idea of getting out and getting an MOD contract though, you'll be quids in!!!
  12. Trollox,

    To go back to your original question, what's your OC LAD's/ASM's line, but I'm harbouring a hunch that you're in a Lt Role Inf Bn? If so, and it's limiting the ability to be able to support other unit equipment, then the QM(T) needs to prioritise, and if it all seems unbalanced, speak to your BEME, he's your EngO. But at the end of the day, it is a REME responsibility to support and your tradesmen need competency.
  13. As you guys dont seem to know the contract i ll put in simple English. There is a 60/40 split in the maintenance the Mod should carry out all level 1 & 2 tasks whilst the equipment is on hire. If the user doesnt do anything to the kit and then returns it back to ALC then the CMC(Mod) will kick up merry hell because this will cost the MOD big money.And then the Reme turn round and say that when they are on opps they get no hands on ,stop bleeting and get your hands dirty.
  14. Bring back the good old days where we owned the kit, we were reponsible for the kit & we FIXED the kit.
  15. ok after some reading and investigation i will retract my orginal post it seems to be a contract, too good to be true. closer now to 750mill but non the less it seems kosha.

    my question now is 750 mill!! sure shovels and picks for wedge heads arnt that much are they!!!