Albury Wodonga

I find myself the only boke on a course here in sunny (well, rainy)AWMA.

Are there any ARRSErs here, except me?

If so, I'd like a few pointers as to where to go, and what to do. I can't sit here in Maccas stealing T'internet every night, I'll get seriously fat!

Awaiting incomong pearls of wisdom..... :lol:
I'm in Bandi South Sgts mess, I have a vodafone mobile internet thingy that cost $129 with 2 Gb of surftime on it.

The happy bus goes into town at 0920 from South's duty room, if you are in North, it's 5 mins before. It'll give you a couple of hours in Albury, returns at 1145.

PM me for more info!
vrb.biatch said:
About 3 hours drive away mate. You are welcome to come down to Watsonia for a few beers and the AFL game!!
Thanks, but I'm going to be "educated" about AFL by one of my instructors, and Watsonia was not one of my favourite places. Is the badge there still a chick?

I know about the happy bus, I was actually after some inside info about where to go once I get there, but cheers anyway!
Sure is, but she is posted in the New Year. You missed a messy day out, but probably a good call. We didn't stay in Watsonia all day but ended up in the city. Was a good day/night and will probably feel the effects for another day or so. Enjoy your course.
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