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I like Hall and Oats and that track sounds excellent - A quick search on flea bay shows the vinyl going for silly money - mostly 20 quid plus and Amazon want £30 for the LP so I have swallowed my pride and ordered the CD for a much more sensible figure. I hope it as good as the preview suggests.
Have a look around youtube for a thing called 'Live from Daryls house'. Hall and a cracking house band does songs with friends, peers and young people.


In the days before bloody 'Lady in red'


and this from Loudon Wainright III


Both pretty good live as well. As was Leonard Cohen* who opened up the gig I saw in 1976 with:

'I advise you all to become rich and famous' Wise words indeed!

*I was taken there by a girlfriend and expected a long night of misery songs. After his opening line I realised what a sense of humour he had.
This was ok, before he turned into a Mumsnetter

Jon & Vangelis - Friends of Mr Cairo

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

Dubstar - Disgraceful

Ruth Wallis - The Spice is Right

Cockney Rebel - The Psychomodo

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Meatloaf Bat out of Hell
ELO Out of the Blue
Queen Jazz
Rush Moving Pictures
Roxette Joyride (Marie was an object of my teenage lust)
Boston Long Time
Joyride by Roxette has remained one of my all time favourites. Superb
Hall and Oates.
Not a single weak track on this album

I’ve listened to this a couple of times now. She’s Gone is well known and is on my c1983 Greatest Hits album. This one is good mellow music and helps generate a good feeling which is what I need at the moment as I’m off work with Stress. I need to find a way of getting out of the CD into Amazon music so I can add it to the car play list. I’m sure google is my friend or I can wait until youngest is back home again