Albino Pheasant?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Litotes, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Whilst driving at dusk the other night, I spotted a white bird in the hedge that I thought was a parrot.

    Closer inspection (with a torch) showed that it was remarkably pheasant-like.

    I have never seen one before. Are they common? Or do they have a life of not very many minutes?

  2. Why, did you shoot it?
  3. I saw an albino hen pheasant and four chicks, about 8 years ago. The local keeper was doing his upmost to keep them safe from the guns (hefty fine), but I never saw them again so I assume the fox got hold of them.

    A lovely sight to see nonetheless.
  4. It might have been a Reeves Pheasant. I had one crash into the window of my quarter a couple of years ago that was promptly troffed.
  5. About 5 years ago, I was at my late father in law's place out in deepest Suffolk. As were chatting, and he told me that he'd seen a white pheasant the previous day, in his garden.

    As he mentioned this, lo and behold, it jumped out from a hedge and walked straight past us!

    It had pink eyes, so I guess it was a true albino. We never saw it again, so I guess that Mr Fox got it.
  6. Just been out for a run (er.... nice walk in the sun....) and saw an extraordinarily flashy coppery-gold pheasant, about 50% bigger than a normal c*ck pheasant. Did a Google and found that its probably a..... "Gold Pheasant"... Do people breed these to shoot?
  7. I do recall doing some sniper training at Warminster early 90s. The range at the back had pheasants walking all over the stop butt, pecking at the bullet strike whilst we were firing. We were told that these were bred for the Officer's shoot and that there was an albino amongst them. Anyone who shot it would be fined £200. Never saw it but it did sharpen up our observation skills!
  8. More likely bred as an ornament\l bird.
  9. There's a deep Rifle Green one close to where I live and a couple of his hens are a dark chocolate brown too! With his red "chops" he looks bloody smart! (or should that be Sharpe?)
  10. Not round Farnham are you?

  11. No, and mine was white. Totally white with red wattles.

    As I wrote earlier, I thought it was a parrot.

    Perhaps I should have gone to Specsavers? :D

  12. Albino's and also the black melanistic pheasants are not all that uncommon, especially amongst hand reared inbred birds. The Albinos don't usually last long in the wild. Too easy to see.

    Was yours a hen or a co'ck?

    I hear your wife prefers the melanistic cocks!
  13. White pheasants are used by some commercial shoots so that the keepers can see where their birds are and as noted earlier shoot captains get pretty miffed if one gets slotted if the rules are 'no white birds' on a shoot day.

    Trouble is we seem to get a lot of them ....