Albarn vs "X-Factor"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CharlieBubbles, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. The Blur and Gorillaz star was the guest presenter on BBC Radio 4's "Today" programme yesterday, taking the opportunity to express his views.

    He called for a radical new approach to the 21sc century version of fame and proposing we "get rid of 99% of the media".

    Speaking of the popularisation of talent shows such as "X-Factor" in recent years, Damon Albarn was particularly outspoken.

    "It's creating a mindset that suggests you can get something for nothing and that it's easy to acquire status and fame. It should be one of the hardest things to do.

    "We need to dismantle very significant parts of our culture and really re-examine them. I suppose you start with the celebrity thing", he explained.

    "There's just so many things I would alter. I think for a start you have to get rid of things like the 'X-Factor' immediately", Albarn commented.
  2. Hurrah for Damon! Where do I vote?
  3. I agree, lets put a stop to karaoke singers leading the charts and let them noticed the old fashioned way (by being heckled in clubs for years) if they believe they have the talent.

    This manufactured trash has been ruining our charts for years.

    Can we take Big Brother and I'm a Celebrity out as well.
  4. Lyrics to Stiff Little Fingers "Guitar and Drum" say it all really.

    (Jake Burns)

    Well you get your entertainment
    Through a corporate plan
    Via 5 young athletes in a dancing band
    Who are trained to act moronically
    And smile on demand
    Cos it makes more money for the company man
    Well it might make all the young girls hearts beat faster
    But it don't amuse this cynical old bas tard

    I believe.
    I believe in the power of guitar & drum
    I believe in the hope held in a song
    I believe that the music makes you strong
    I believe in the power of guitar and drum

    Well theirs are songs about heartache
    Theirs are songs about love
    Theirs are songs about sex sung by an eight year old
    And there's no-one making statements
    Cos rebellion don't pay
    And they'd rather that you bought this
    Cos it's safer that way
    Well. I can't believe that everyone is happy
    With the newest teen sensation carbon copy

    (Repeat chorus)

    You gotta eat McFood
    Play with Barbie
    Drink Coca Cola
    Don't do anything that marks you as solo
    Only use your brain for playing Nintendo
    Consume everything with corporate logos

    Go on ahead make all the fat cats fatter
    And for God's sake don't say anything that matters
  5. Once upon a time little boys wanted to grow up to be spacemen, cowboys, soldiers explorers et al nowadys its more likely to be a member of a boyband, or a reality show " celebrity "..times change and sometimes for the worse
  6. I don't even believe that pish is still No 1. Can't wait to get to a good gig next year and get a blast of some good guitar and drum.
  7. What, you mean you have got your McFly tickets already?
  8. i loved it when one of those mincey boy band tape machine bust in full throng the tw*ts looked like some one had smeared shit all over the mics ...........classic
  9. I totally agree with young Albarn on that one.....however...he's still the same bloke that sang "boys will be boys will be boys will be boys....."

    People like Cowell are killing music. How serious can a musical competition be when the judges include Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue? These losers think that a farcical TV karaoke programme will bring them fame and success. All the blokes do the usual Westlife (clutch hand to heart, clench fist etc etc) cliches and the girls do all that Mariah (why sing one note when 10 will do) crap. If they win, it'll bring them extremely short-lived success, including an almost guaranteed Xmas No1 if they win, coupled with infamy (rather than fame) for being manufatured pap. No one from those programmes has has any sustained success (arguably Will Young). Some of the past winners were actually decent singers but as soon as they wanted to sing anything other than the usual karaoke songs-for-12 year olds, the record labels dropped them like a shit-sandwich. What's the point of going into the business when it only offers you 12 months of guest-starring on kids TV (admittedly there's a chance of kopping off with Fern Cotton et al)? It's all a load of old shiite.
  10. I bought them for you along with the Shakin' Stevens gig you wanted to go to. I'll stick to SLF and Stranglers :)