Albania and Croatia now in NATO - on April Fools Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rickshaw-major, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Criatia?

    RW have you been at the rakija again? lol
  2. I dont know...the Albanians could, over a period of years move into various parts of Russia and take hold. Then several more years down the line they could declare it their historical homeland and move for to think long term!
  3. Good - they are only ever going to get past history if they suck it in and work together. Role on Russia joining in 2030.
  4. Oh, please tell me that's a stitch.

    I realise this won't exactly have the Defence Staff quaking in their boots, but I for one won't put a uniform back on again if there's the slightest chance I'll have to side with those murdering cunts. I'd rather go to jail.
  5. Wouldn't have been a productive attitude to take towards working with the Federal German army in 1959, not productive now.
  6. There are over 500 Croatians in Afghan and they have been there since 2003, so i suggest you burn your uniform.
    Those murdering cnuts as you put it simply fought a defensive war on there own turf.
    But if you are referring to the 'Croats' in hercegovina (as I suspect) then that would be a completely different matter.

    There are currently over 500 Croatian soldiers in Afghanistan which may not sound like a lot in comparison to our own contribution, but we are talking about a country with a population of approximately 5 million.
  7. And current advice being given to Obama is for the US to leave NATO. See Los Angeles Times Op-Ed
    Just slightly nationalist and isolationist in viewpoint, wrong on the money issue, and short sighted in the long term. Just too many separate and diverse viewpoints for coherency in Europe as a whole.
  8. They are already all over NATO and you find them as soon as you go on a NATO course, all dressed in ex US Woodland BDUs and with plenty bling on their jackets.
  9. Double post due to dodgy connection.
  10. 2009 03 31. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslav Sikorsky called for Russia to join NATO.

    To sum it up:

    1. Albania and Croatia are in NATO;
    2. The US is thinking of "out";
    3. Poland is inviting Russia "in".

    What is going on??? :D
  11. And very tough, man to man, they are too.
  12. An article in a septic rag doesn;t qualify as the US getting out Doms - you're stretching the point a teeny weeny bit.

    Oh and nobody gives sparrows turd for what Sikorsky says :twisted:
  13. I don't see much of a difference between the two, and I didn't see any evidence at the time that they saw any difference either. There was plenty of anecdotal evidence from UNPROFOR types that they were moving to and fro quite blithely, changing insignia as they crossed the border.

    Nor does my history book tell me that when the Allies were wandering around Germany arresting war criminals that massive crowds tens of thousands strong formed up in Bonn and tried to force Adenauer to stop the extradition.

    They can put as many soldiers in the field as they like, for all I care. It won't wipe away the blood.
  14. Wait till he will become NATO Secretary General! :D