Albahera Company,Shorncliffe

Was an intake in 1977.Arrived at Folkestone station to be met by a little shit,with a giant chip on his shoulder,squealing out orders.
I spent the next year doing plenty of square bashing,and exercises,including the bromide in the tea with sticky bun.
Remember the above little shit being our platoon Seargent,and he came into our barracks on the first day,and started asking what our names were,the first lad said his name was John,not realising he wanted to know his surname.The seargents reply was "Ahhh" thats nice mines Steve,now whats your F***ing surname.?
l can remember going to Sennybridge Wales for a weeks jaunt,only l went down with the measles along with another 25 others.
Only wish l still had the photos from the passing out parade.

Waterloo Coy - Guards Div
Salamanca Coy - Queen's Div + RPC (+ Light Div?)
Arnhem Coy - King's Div + PARA
Corunna Coy - Scots Div
Penninsula Coy - POW Div

No recollection of Albuhera Coy
Albuhera was across the other side of camp ,Napier Barracks I ws intake 1976/77....brill.
The intake in 1977 was on Septtember 13th.Are you sure you are not a year out because Albuhera company was in Napier Barracks 1976 in 1977 you would have been in Salamanca Company . That was in Sir John Moore Barracks the other side of the sports pitches. I may have some photographs of the 1978 passing out parade hiding some where around the house.
l was definetly in Albuhera Company.l couldnt have been in the 1976 intake,as l would have been only 15.
And,was across the fields in the "Huts"along with the rest of the Queens Division trainees,Royal Anglians,Fuisliers and Queens Reg".
l was 16,so would have been in the Sept 1977 intake.As l had to take
a job,after leaving school until the intake date.
Would love to have a look at any pics you may have to see,if lm on any and to spot any old pals,who may no longer be with us.

Kind Regards Wizz

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