Alay my worries.......Please....

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stvwardy, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. if i pass my liver test tomorrow, ive been told by my recruting sgt, that the next possible intake date for my job choice {RAC Crewman at Winchester} would be the 26th of November.

    ive had to lose 2 stone in weight to get to this point, and i passed all the physical stuff, the mile and half in 11 minutes {sigh} at selection.but...........

    i just cant help but worry about phase 1.

    i dont know if its the feeling of leaving home for the first time, or fear of failure that got my stomach knotted up, but something is bothering me.

    as it is ive decided to up my exercise regime significantly from minimal to daily,

    im getting up at 5am to take my Brother to work, and when i get back from that im going for a run/jog thats getting progressively longer.

    im doing lots of press ups, going from 1 two weeks ago to 30, half hour ago.

    i no longer have stitch when im doing exercise, but im still bothered that when i turn up at Winchester, im going to be the idiot at the back getting people beasted for being slow.

    basically what im saying is....

    1 } do the people in charge at Basic come across this regularly?

    2} do you think my training is enough.

    i know its a weird post from me, usually being a happy chap i am, but i really would like to calm down a bit, and know that, at basic, im going to throw myself at it 110%, and this will be recognised.

    p.s. i saw a post the other day, where the guy asking the question, said they might send you home if you fail a CSM, or words to that that true?

    cheers fellas.
  2. Exactly how most people feel when they leave home for the first time. Conquering that fear is part of growing up, suck it in and jump in head first, before too long you'll be wondering what you were worried about. I can't speak for joining the army, but I did it for uni (hundreds of miles from home) it was the best thing I've ever done.

    Good luck!
  3. Everyone goes through it dont worry the rest of the lads you join up with are all in the same boat.

    The only time to worry is if your Ginger as they will make a Gwars life hell.

    You should be fine though as long as your not a Gwar :wink:
  4. im looking forward to the Ginger Bashing.

    being as good looking as i am though, i imagine its because they would be immensely jealous, and once in the shower, the size of the Wang will surely scare them away.

    they'll be no dropped bars of soap near me thanks.

    cheers for the kind words, im probably paranoid..........
    never mind, "i'll blend in", and disappear......quietly....
  5. I wouldnt worry you need to pass the BCFT and the BPFA if you dont you would just get put back till you pass and they will build your fitness up to whats required.
  6. Don't worry - you won't encounter anything in training that a reasonably fit lad of average intelligence and ability can't cope with - if he brings a bit of balls and a bit of guts with him.
    If you really want to be in the RAC and you're prepared to put the work in; you will make it. Simple as that.

    Plenty of blokes will be homesick or miss life's little luxuries and jack because of it. Its better that you're facing up to these fears now and not swaggering through the gates like some big time, gobshite w&nker (you'll meet plenty of those but most of them won't be there half a year later).

    Basic is a shock to the system and it's supposed to be. Throw yourself into your work, learn everything you can and put 100% into everything whether its the assault course or a block job - you are always being watched and attitude counts more than ability up to a certain point....
    The PTIs and NCOs know their stuff and have got much worse than you through the system.

    You will fcuk up and get beasted, individually and collectively, and the NCOs will take great delight in proving to you that life isn't fair.
    You will also be cold, wet, tired and hungry and you will have bad days. Just stick at it. Fitness comes, and once you're through the first few weeks, time will fly.

    Unless basic has drastically changed you are going to meet some real characters and have some hysterical fcuking laughs in the block. When a bit of time has passed and you've shown your NCOs that you're worth it, you'll find that most of them have a lot more to their personalities than shouting and beasting.

    Don't worry about it; continue the fitness at a steady pace, with rest periods, and don't knacker yourself before you get to the depot. There will be people there whose fitness is a lot worse than yours because they didn't make any effort at all.
  7. To echo what JCS has said; Give it your best shot, you can't be slagged for that.
  8. cheers everyone for the kind words, especially you JCS for the comment about "getting much worse through", i'd like to think of myself as the opposite of the chav scum milling around thesedays.
    Cant stand gobshites acting "the man", so im going to be keeping quiet...
    i know when to shut my mouth and how to keep it shut, im willing to work hard and give it my all.

    i suppose i'll just continue and let it come at me, i was looking at the winchester timetable for what happens in the first few weeks and saw the PT was grouped together for a Hour and Half, now im reasonably fit, but the most im pushing at the moment is about 30 mins, still, nothing i can do about that,

    grin and bear it, push through, make the parents proud, do my bit for Queen and Country, and prove my dad wrong, who seems to think i wont hack it..

    good "a" reason as any to go and do it.
  9. My initial first beasting by the gym queens back in 1988 lasted for 5 hours of pure fun. After a few hours of non stop abuse (character building) they opened the gym doors an said well done lads you can go out on the parade square for a breather. As soon as e stepped outside we heard a voice (if by magic) saying what are you doing on MY square loathing around. The RSM then instructed the PTI's to beast us round the flag poles for another hour or so (well set up) followed by the bunkers and back in the gym. Oh how we laughed.

    Not as bad now a days but just griss it, help out the weaker ones and do your best, it will be noticed. If you just coast it and dont put the effort in or help your mates it will be noticed.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. above all, you must remember that pt at basic training is progressive, and they are not expecting you to be superman upon arrival. and, as is usually the case, no matter how bad you think you are, a PTI 'encouraging' you, will almost always improve your fitness ;)
  11. you saying you actually have a wang to speak of? we'll see
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Give it your best shot and remember its aimed at turning you into a soldier and not personal. In a few years you'll be laughing about the change parades and getting your best boots thrown out of the window.

    Good luck.
  13. Hey Stvwardy, I'm soooo pleased you posted this - I'm having the same worries! Its PT for me, I have no problem going for an hour or so, but I'm just not fast enough!
  14. it depends what the hour and a half is. it could be running and jogging alternated, or a mixture of things. dont forget you do more then running in PT, so it wont neccesarily be a full hour and a half of running.

    personally, i cant ******* wait to get into my basic. i go 8 days after you. think of it like this. if you give it all you can, but arent fit enough, you'll only get backtrooped and be doing PT for a few weeks. thats pretty much the worst case scenario, and it aint that bad is it?
  15. I'd Fail......... *Drool*

    Guys, you have nothing to worry about, do you remember in Forest Gump when the Drill Sergeant asks him what he would do in a certain situation and he answers;

    'Whatever you tell me to do Drill Sergeant'

    Well, thats the right answer.

    Just Run/Climb/Swim when told to do so until you Puke/Fall off/Drown - just keep going, its the ones who give up MENTALLY that fail.