Alastair Campbell - approaching the Earth's core and still digging strongly

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Jun 30, 2013.

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  2. Auld-Yin

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    Alistair Campbell would not recognise the Truth if it bit him on the ARRSE!
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  3. Let's face it they have all lied so much about Iraq and Afghanistan, I doubt any of them even know what the truth of either is anymore. They have lived the lie and it probably seems like reality to them.
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  4. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I couldnt read more than a sentence of the article before the phrase "Campbell is a tit" came into my mind and with each sentence the phrase just grew louder and louder.
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  5. I know I'm going to get popped in the ass for this but history tends to back up his assertions.

    I just think we expect things to be much more open today than back in the 30s and 40s. They used to lie to them about all sorts under the flag of National/Wartime security and a need to know. As far as they were concerned THEN, no ****** needed to know anything!
  6. If Churchill "lied" then it was because we were already in a war and it is well known who/what the first casualty of war is. I suggest that Churchill's "lies" were used to deceive and confuse the enemy when we were fighting for our national survival. Bliar's "lies" on the other hand were used to deceive Parliament and the electorate and get us into a war when there was no threat or suggestion that our national survival was at risk - a very different situation to that which faced Churchill.
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  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    the Cnut Campbell doesn't understand the difference between subversion, subterfuge and misdirection and bare faced lies.

    He is a horrific w@nker, an intolerably belligerent lefty c0ck, and has a worship/lackey fixation-relationship with the vile B-Liar.

    And what the fukk is going on with this swear filter again? It's another step backwards.
  8. baldof put that very well. Meh, Campbell comparing his old boss to Churchill, joke of the week. Blair and his cohorts on the comeback trail doing a bit of PR? Bliar's kept his head down for a bit and played international power-broker abroad, while his former government left Britain skint and in meltdown awash with excessive immigration nobody could control. Even Milliband owned up. Blair and Campbell, you can often judge folk by the company they keep. How come everybody I speak to thinks Bliar is a war-monger? Not even close to Churchill in any shape or form, never will be.
  9. Try comparing a newspaper of the time with what you know of that period. Take a look at one of the House of Commons debates about one of the great wartime disasters, such as the fall of Singapore. It was a war of national survival if ever there was one, but I think you'll be surprised with how much was out there in the public domain.
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  10. Campbell, like most of those in Blair's inner circle is a deeply unpleasant, borderline sociopathic individual, completely incapable of contrition. The egregious sofa politics that they practiced were responsible for some of the worst policy decisions in living memory both foreign and domestic.
    Instead of admitting their failings they try to obfuscate and draw absurd comparisons like the one in the article.
    Campbell, Blair, Mandelson, Straw, reptiles all.
    The recent three part series on Iraq on the BBC only served to reinforce the complete absence of regret and the continued increasingly hollow insistence that they were right.
  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Checking the comments section, one individual by the user-name Tanneradozen clearly needs to have their dose of Priadel increased quiet dramatically. I quote:-

    "Blair is hated because he was Leader of the labour party. Churchill is reveared because he was leader of the Conservatives and right wing. The right wing controlled Fourth Estate has the final say on whom is honoured and respected and who is hated in the UK and the world."

    "Is the point of the article that Churchill was a bigger and better liar than Blair? No contest if truth be known.

    When Churchill was broadcasting on the radio "We`ll fight them on the beaches and landing strips" and "We`ll never surrender" or "You can always take one with you" all the British gold reserves and crown jewels and other portable wealth had been sent to the Sun Life Insurance Co. in Montreal third basement vaults. This "secret" was released in 1977.

    Churchill was very lucratively privately funded by an extremely wealthy Jewish group from the early 1930`s that paid off the high mortgage on Churchill`s estate and saved the Churchills from declaring bankruptcy in the Great Depression.
    Winston Churchill was able to persuade the aristocratic ruling elite and wealthiest top 5% of the British establishment that Hitler would not guarantee and honour their extensive property rights when he invaded after the fall of France and it was this more than anything else why Britain struggled on against the might of the Axis instead of accepting peace terms.
    It turned out that Hitler did guarantee property rights in France .London was blitzed but the ruling elite put that down to instant slum clearance"

    (note I've slightly edited some of the paragraph structure and punctuation to make it vaguely readable. What a babbling muppet...)
  12. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    So Winston Churchill played a pivotal role in saving the UK from one of the vilest dictatorships in history.

    Someone remind me what history will remember Blair for in 50 years time?

  13. So what? Seems sensible enough, the Poles did the same with their gold reserves before they were over-run. The "We'll fight them on the beaches" speech directly addressed this possibility:

  14. The only instance (that I am aware of) where the Government in World War Two were constantly deceptive about policy, the word "Lied" could have been used to characterise Parliamentary statements, was in regard to the policy of bombing Germany. Namely "Area Bombing" and the constant failure to publicly admit to the true intent of this policy. Throughout the war, Ministers from Churchill on down evaded characterisations that were clearly made in government papers about the intent behind bombing German cities. However there is no instance I know of, where Churchill or Archibald Sinclair (Secretary of State) actually knowingly fabricated the contents of their statements (a more sympathetic reader than I may have called it "public Wishful thinking")
    Having actually read several hundred Cabinet and air Ministry documents, it is irrefuatable that they were not in line with what was being said in the public domain. Even there, admittedly with the full connivance of the PM, it was the Secretary of State for Air made the majority of the misleading statements.
    To characterise Winston Churchill's comments in the manner that Campbell has, is inaccurate, silly and downright scurrilous.
  15. I see Campbell as a pantomime character.

    "Tony didn't lie as much as ? Jimbo"

    "Oh yes he did !!"

    "Well Tony didn't lie as much as Winston Churchill"

    "Cunning c-nt !!"