Alas, it begins...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LawyerSquaddie, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. Sikh men, including myself, have already started getting dirty looks (more than usual) from white folks, especially from foreign tourist types, when out and about.

    There are massive geographical, theological, historical and physical differences between Sikhs and Muslims.

    :( :evil:
  2. I'm not surprised mate - it's sexual jealousy!

  3. You could always go around with a big sandwich board saying "Not Guilty M'lud" ??

    Sadly inevitable, but the majority of the population are not philistines, and appreciate the cultural differences between the major religions and sub-divisions.

    Head up old boy and walk with pride in your faith.

  4. You all have beards and funny hats to the ignorant thats enough .I dont mean to insult your relgion but you know what I mean .Probably some women wearing a scarf getting spat on as we speak .
  5. Sikhs are a totally different religion and ethnicity. it's like saying Christians and Jews are all the same.

    Are 'we' all the problem because 'we' happen to be brown-skinned?
  6. LOL Darth! :p

    People are angry and confused. It's normal that they'd be shooting dirty looks at any part of a minority that vaguely resembles muslims (skin colour..etc)
    I hope this is just an effect of the temporary state of shock.
  7. I wouldn't spit on her...


    Sikhs have been a glorious part of our heritage for generations - much sympathy Lawyer Bloke but that's what you get in a country where Eastenders and Big Brother are regarded as essential viewing. :D
  8. Unfortunately Lawyer we live in that type of society, some small minded people will look at you differently, even though you are a sikh, they do not have a clue what the difference is. All they will see is a towel head and wonder what is under the robe.
  9. Ignore them LS.
    The Sikhs I know are top blokes and some right babes(the girls that is). Dont rise to the bait of these monkey brained fcukers.
  10. Edited to say - 'crossed in post' with your apology. Beware journos who will forget apology and run with your original.
  11. I remember shortly after September 11 I came across a group of chavs threatening to beat seven shades of sh1te out of an unfortunate Indian boy, they were calling him “Al-Qaeda” and pushing him around.
    I stepped in and explained that being Asian/Muslim does not make someone a member of Al-Qaeda.
    I really hope I don’t see or hear of anything like that again.
  12. I have always encounterd sh1t during my five years of service thus far.

    But, I have also been heartened by many fellow Brits being aware of Sikh history, especially the knowledge amongst officers.
  13. Where can a dashing young Chruch of Wales bloke pick up a lovely young hunny like that?

    I'm all for the integration of the major faiths now...

  14. I like Sikh food too. My wifes mate....a sikh bird, brings stuff to our house that her mum cooks. Better than any indian restaurant.
  15. Lawyer Bloke - I think 'Sniffle' was just being humorous - which backfired spectacularly, but that's ARRSE for you. He has apologised after all.

    Could we just draw a veil (or perhaps a turban) across this episode which is threatening to derail a very useful thread?