Alarming news about Dr. David Kelly

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex_ex, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. It seems that Dr. David Kelly might not have committed suicide after all. Now there's a surprise!

    full story

    (Apologies if there's already a thread on this somewhere.)
  2. Well well wel
  3. Am I right in thinking he was the one with hypodermic marks on his arm?
  4. And ECG connectors on him too.
  5. There was a very interesting letter in the Guardian a couple of years ago. I cannot remember the details or those of the signatories, but it expressed doubt over the findings of the inquest and whether David Kelly could have inflicted those injuries on himself. It was signed by an assortment of consultants, forensic scientists, and academics.
  6. My late mother wittnessed a death of a soldier from bleeding (all her life he served as a nurse, a senior nurse in military hospitals). It was impossible to stop atrerial bleeding and the soldier died but just after his heart stopped the bleeding became insignificant almost immediately.

    It was reported that amount of blood on the place of Dr.Kelly's death was not so big. My mother was sure that his wrists were cut not before but after the death. It was possible to collect dried blood, to collect soil and count a number of blood cells in pieces of soil. So it was not a very hard task to estimate amount of blood that dr.Kelly lost. Though who (in the government) is interesting in truth?
  7. CSI Moscow! Love it Serge! Good points. How I'd like to be a fly on certain walls!
  8. Secret services are using ordinary criminals. The criminals even don't know whom exactly they serve, what country, what secret service uses them.

    Technically it was easy enough to capture dr.Kelly to make injections of pain-killers that in big quantities can kill human beings as well. Though imitation of suicide was not good.

    In this (alleged) scenario, the criminals were killed themselves (it is a common practice) by other criminals.

    I'm sure that British investigators are very skilled. If my suppositions are true then they founded no doubt the killed criminals. But for political reasons the whole story was covered.

    The last question: what secret service was involved? Unlikely we will know it.
  9. Don't think it would have been ours. Bulgarians/Romainians/Russians? or don't they owe us any favours? I would like to see the Post Mortem report. I wonder if they did any toxicology in the follow up process. It did smack of being a tad 'convenient' at the time didn't it?
  10. Whats the betting any PM reports are adrift or 'procedurally inaccurate'?
  11. They'll not be adrift as the Coroner will have a copy. If it transpires that there's been some 'shady' work, well........
  12. What shock horror Dr Kelly kill himself, and that bungling cnut bliar couldn't even get a simple wet op done properly. Why is anyone suprised at this?
  13. It was a bad business that the Dr died in the circumstances that he did.
    If they man was murderd then its a bleeding disgrace that HM Government can't obtain a decent State executioner.
  14. What make of haemocytometer allows the counting cell to be loaded by shovel then :)
  15. Shouldn't this thread be titled 'Alarming new (reheated) conspiracy theory about Dr. David Kelly'? There's a strong tendency for people to find what they're looking for in important events, whether or not it actually fits all the facts, as long as it agrees with their preconceptions/prejudices.

    Perhaps a more fruitful line of enquiry might be Dr. Kelly's private life. I seem to recall some discussion in the papers that it was quite messy.