Alarm going off

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MSI64, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. The guys next door moved out this week, There is an alarm going off next door nowSunday morning. Call Modern Housing who tell me they cant look into it till Monday morning.
    It sounds like the CO2 alarm but who knows, maybe there is a fire. When I informed them it might be a fire they told me to look through the letterbox to check

    I want to go round and smash a window and turn it off, wife wants me to hold off
    What should I do??

    By the way its constant now
  2. Call the Fire Brigade and tell them that the smoke alarm next door is going off. They are obliged to come and check it out, and when they break down the door you can get them to turn it off. Job jobbed.
  3. Is this serving housing? If its Civvy housing phone the Plods tell them you think someone is injured inside and you can hear an alarm they will enter and investigate, securing the house on exit and turning the alarm off
  4. Damn beaten to it, Good luck
  5. I fucking hate Modern Housing with a passion. Useless fucking cunts.

    Just thought i'd get that off my chest.
  6. No its a married quarter, Wife is on the phone to Modern Housing right now
    Usual response "I need to find my supervisor but I cant get hold of them"
  7. I repeat....

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Crow bar and ladder?
  9. Ring RMP they might enjoy something to do on a sunday morning
  10. Have just told them if they dont send someone out now then they will need a repairman Monday to fix the kitchen window
  11. quick update to close
    Usual story from Modern housing, We will call you back (not holding my breath) Lucky one of the other guys who lives on the patch has a spare set of keys so Have gone in and turned SMOKE ALARM off.

    Not holding my breath for a call from modern housing am presuming they think if they leave it long enough either the house will burn down or the battery in the fire alarm will die.

    MODERN HOUSING a company that takes the cash but doesnt deliver the goods.
  12. MSI,

    Have you phoned MHS to complain about the lack of response to your original phone call? If you don't log a complaint, they are not obliged to investigate any further. I appreciate it is Christmas and you are probably just happy the situation is sorted, but MHS need to be held to account.

  13. Are they by any chance associated with the cretins known as Aspire?
  14. In case it happens again, might I suggest you phone the rozzers and tell them that a heterosexual Christian teacher is in that house praying for a lesbian with cancer. They'll have the doors down in no time.
  15. Alternatively, squirt some petrol through the front door and light it and give them something real to worry about. ;)