Alarm at rush to bankrupt council tax debtors


So this is the progressive social justice that Nu Labour promised us. Am I alone in feeling that government, both local and national, has become the enemy of the people?

The Observer
In this case, I think it is. Under Scots Law, seizing someone's home (as opposed to other assets/second homes, etc.) is very much a final resort.

Having seen the lengths Courts here go to to keep people in their homes where at all possible, I'd buy the "Mr Knowles made and broke a number of arrangements to pay" line. If that's the case, he deserves all he gets.
You are seriously telling me that Councils are actually kicking people out of their homes for non payment of rent.
OK I can understand that in strictly legal sense,
But what do they then next do ? For surely they have to house the folk somewhere ?
Square ya books up one way but create unbeivaible social problems in another.

Not their rent but due to the over inflated house prices which has driven up council tax. It means that a house bought 10 years ago is worth x(fit suitable large number) times as much as it was so of course council tax follow suit no matter that you wages have not increased at the same rate. If you are on a pension forget it.

So because you can't afford to shell out £1000+ a year to have your bins emptied once a fortnight and keep the council in equality and diversity lectures/workshops you lose the roof over your head.

Seems fair to me.
But what do the Social Services do with the families 'Thrown out of house and home' ?
I am no socialist but as I remember UK Councils have 'Responsibilities', you cann't put wives and kids on the streets.

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