Alan Turing

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bernster, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. By anyones standards Alan Turing deserves the tag of hero, his work at Bletchley saved countless lives. His life style was not conventional for the times he lived in, and as such in the 50's he was convicted of gross indecencey, which eventually led to him taking his own life. In almost any other country this man would be a celebrated hero, yet in the UK, the country he served his character remains in question.
    Whilst not agreeing with his chosen lifestyle I would ask all members of this site to put any predjudice they may have to one side and sign the petition to have the conviction expunged from his records.
  2. Regardless of his genius,in 1952 homosexuality was against the law.
    He broke the law and got caught.
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  3. seaweed

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  4. Oh my GOD. He was a HOMOSEXUAL. Shock Horror.
  5. Absurd and pointless. Homosexuality was either illegal or it wasn't. If the law is going to be posthumously repealed for Turing, then the convictions of everybody thus convicted, alive or dead, should also be expunged - a law can't be unfair for Alan Turing and fair for Joe Soap.

    I would suggest that the main reason for Turing's lack of historical visibility was not his interest in other gentlemen, but the fact that he was a 'boffin' or in current parlance a 'geek' in a culture that reveres the Man of Action rather than the 'Backroom Boy'. More people have heard of the flyboys of the RAF than have heard of R J Mitchell, haven't they?
  6. " backroom boy " !
  7. Could we just once have a thread that doesn't degenerate into smut and ribaldry?

    Or is the whole site now just an extension of the NAAFI?
  8. I would have thought Turing would be well past caring by now in any case. You never know he may have seen his conviction as badge of honour along with the likes of Oscar Wilde & Quentin Crisp.

  9. Hardly a "backroom" boy.

    Went out on a limb,to build the aircraft he wanted,his designs won the Schneider Trophy outright,got Rolls Royce to redesign parts of the 'Merlin',to fit into 'his' Spitfire,Reg was hardly a backroom boy.:)
  10. Gremlin

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    It's got B'all to do with being behind the scenes. It's due to the minor inconvenience that until relatively recently almost all of Turing's work was on the secret list.

    Do I think that the prosecution and chemical castration of homosexual's was right? No. Do I think that Turing's criminal record can be expunged? Same answer.

    He broke the law, was caught and convicted. No amount of bleating can change that, and nor should it. In fact we need examples like Turing to
    remind us that equality should apply to everybody, not just those that we like, are in our own socio-group, or those that we approve of.

    Expunging Turing's record would be morally wrong and belittle the challenge that he faced in trying to continue working.

    The law was wrong; he wasn't.
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  11. You do know who Alan Turing was don't you??

    Turing was the designer of the computer Colossus the first computer, and is deemed the father of modern computing. He died in 1954 having committed suicide using cyanide.

    RJ Mitchell designed the Spitfire and died in 1937 of cancer, he never got to see the impact his design would have
  12. Can I start a petition to get a formal apology from the Normans for their invasion?