Alan Titmarsh

Discussion in 'RAC' started by commander, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Just watched him with some scenes on SPTA and quite suprised to see a Conq there that I do not recognise. I thought that I had found them all when I roamed the area for the Conqueror book.

    Anyone any ideas of its location, as the film footage was principally RA thought it could be main impact area, but open to suggestions (polite)
  2. will have a look as i am on ftg at the mo but there is a track ban on should be over soon hopefully have you got a rough idea where it is
  3. Sorry no idea at all, very quick glimpse. Large parts appeared to be painted white, gun rear. As the rest was RA i assumed it might be in the impact area, but it did not look llike any of theo nes found. If you do locate could you also let me have a GR? Thanks in adavance.
  4. The whole of the Plain is in high-res on google earth now.

    You can zoom in to about 300m and still manage to id the hards,

    The less battered ones obviously :roll:
  5. is that not the area "Y" (yankee) near the Battlesbury bowl? i seem to remember most targets being painted white over there :?
  6. Bob, I think we know each other pretty well, I don't think Bootsy will forget me in a hurry! On the subject of Conqs, my job takes me to Feldom ranges, Catterick, on an irregular basis. Don't know if you are aware but I think that the hard target on the A/T range is whats left of one, not 100% but will check next time I take a range up there.
  7. Had me baffled at first then saw your avatar, LOL good choice!!!. What job are you doing now? sounds as if it ranges or suchlike. If it is a Conq can you bang some shots. There used to be some good stuff on Feldom, how much is left?