Alan Partridge finaly snaps

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jebote, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Armed police engaged in stand-off - Yahoo! News

    So odds on the old bill storming the place and give them all deadings

    Or they spend an age talking to them and they give up out of boredom.

    How long will the enquiry last because the police somehow failed to see this coming in their crystal crime ball.
  2. If chummy does have a firearm my money is on him having a munch on the barrel before its all over.

    Handing polite notes to the OB? Whatever happened to standing at the top of the stairs screaming "You think I'm a deadbeat? You need an army if you gonna take me out!"?

    Edited to add: bugger, just seen the above post. Shortest thread in Arrse history?
  3. good thread title however, ahaa!
  4. I would ban those tasers! I want my sieges long and resolved with a blood bath.

    Oh Moaty where are you now? While technically not a siege, he was a guy who knew how to keep the drama going.
  5. Well, that Siege lasted 4 minutes on Arrse. Next !
  6. Just not on is it? Why couldn't he burst through the front door with one in each hand screaming "you'll never take me alive coppers!"?

    I blame Osama myself. All this hiding for years and then not even bothering to grab ones AK when they turn to will set a dangerous trend I fear.

    How I long for the days when a siege would be broken by Lewis Colins wearing tight trousers blazing away with a MAC 10.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    The only way to end a siege in my opinion.. If there could be a gristled Scottish Sgt too, just to remind everyone that they're being too slow and stuff that would be handy too.
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  8. Being Norwich, I'm surprised it wasn't resolved like this...

  9. Wait. what did I do? :)