Alan Milburn Foists Socialist Agenda on Universities

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mattb, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Unis 'should offer poor pupils automatic interview'

    Apparently if you're Alan Milburn, being poor is a better indicator of academic ability than, er, academic ability.

    Can someone in power please be PC and point out that a large number of people are poor because they're lazy and/or stupid and their children are also more likely to be lazy and/or stupid?
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  2. This will please all the Three Year Socialists at Uni's round the country. Be nice if the Politicos would keep their mouths shut unless they have something that is actually intelligent to offer.

    Milburn is just an utter plonker
  3. It frustrates me when people confuse equal opportunities with giving 'the poor' more opportunity than 'the rich'.

    Apart from being unfair to those who happen to be well off, it turns what should be a positive thing (earning a university place, despite being poor) into a negative (being given a university place despite not having earned it) in the eyes of those who have had to earn places the hard way.
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  4. So tell me, was that well known commie BBC commentator Andrew Neill lying when he said that Harvard did just what Milburn is advocating?

  5. Glad I'm not ten years younger. My A-Levels and good upbringing from my decent parents would be worth nowt.

    But some ******** chav called Dwayne will walk into Oxbridge with a GCSE grade G in Home Ec because his parents are feral druggie scum.

    I hate Labour more by the day. Why don't we just give free degrees out to everyone on their 21st birthday. Let's completely devalue an already almost worthless degree system and have even more 'graduates' stacking shelves in Tesco, eh?

    Well done Labour, once again.
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  6. It'd probably be a pretty short interview though, along the lines of:

    Uni: "Did you attend a comprehensive school?"

    Thick applicant: "Yes"

    Uni: "Thank you for your interest. We'll register you on the bio-medical DBase, and be in touch when we need to conduct some research".
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  7. Never said anybody was lying. Merely pointed out its a bad idea. and that its not going to solve any of the problems
  8. But Whet the "poor" that are given places at Harvard have to meet and exceed the academic standards set by the respective faculty. Harvard provide free places to the poor on the basis that the individual is a borderline genius - is that what Milburn is saying?
  9. Exactly.

    I'm all for academically gifted individuals being allowed to reach their potential - even if it involves spending my tax money to ensure that the poor can afford it - but he seems to want universities to lower their standards for admission if the prospective student is poor.
    Indeed - it's what politicians call "positive discrimination" and the real world calls "unfair PC bollocks".

    I remember when I was a lad, I was studying for some NVQ or something as part of working as a lifeguard and I remember reading for the first time about "positive discrimination". The manual said that a candidate for a job from an ethnic minority could be preferred for a job over a non-minority if they were working in a community role in a minority area.

    So in other words, black communities could pick black candidates for their community sports officer [or some other bollocks job], presumably the same couldn't be said for white candidates. The principle that maybe we should just pick the best person for the job regardless of skin colour seems a rather alien idea if the candidate has the right skin colour. Now Labour (or at least an ex-Labour MP) wants to apply the same principles to people's backgrounds. Great.
  10. The thing is if you go to eton its obviously much easier to get 3* plus choclates sprinkles on your a levels or whatever the highest level is.
    Than if you go to a state school so claiming its a level playing field to start with is bollocks.
  11. Nothings changed from when he was MP for Darlington then. Used to attend meetings on drug prevention in the town and insist there was no drug problem, contrary to all the evidence. Total tool.....
  12. BH - Utter bollocks.

    Eton kids do the same exams that Scumsville Comprehensive kids do.

    The exam playing field is completely level. It's whether the kids spend their GCSE year mething up at home or revising that makes the difference.

    Most often (not always) people in the UK are poor and uneducated because they are stupid and lazy, not because 'The Man' has beaten them down.
  13. Or perhaps it's because they have a fuckton of problems at home, or they just didn't get a decent start in life. And sometimes the motivation to do better comes from life experience.
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  14. With respect Farmboy, but that isn't true. Neill spoke of a single mother from LA who was taken in preference to a lad from a better off background who got better grades..

    There are good reasons behind this initiative.
  15. I'm not one to cheer on the lefties but Zanu Labour can't actually be blamed on this one. Alan Milburn was hired by the Conservatives to "think the unthinkable" on social mobility. Unlike T'Labour Party who will only ever accept their own dogma, the evil Tories were willing to spread their net wider. I doubt they will actually agree with everything Mr Milburn has said, or even a lot of it but they will actually look at what he has said. Mr Milburn and Kate Hoey remind me that not every Labour MP is a chippy tribal nob who is part of some sort of plot to destroy my country (Thinking Brown, TCH, Mandleson, Blair, Skinner). I don't agree with everything they say but they deserve in my eyes to be at least listened to.