Alan Ladd vs Bad Lads Army

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by whiffler, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Channel 4 today at 12:55 - The Red Beret.

    Compare & contrast training regimes from the TV and film - seems to have been some high-powered co-operation in the making of the film - unlike the series where MoD has placed embargo on anyone serving being involved.
  2. I remember that film. loved the bit where the jock RSM is almost in tears as he had to replace his beloved headress with a fancy new attire.

    Truest bit I reckon is a scene where a "hat" (possibly a rockape) cries out "Nice Bonnet" only to get decked, tranplant that to "Fives"* and have an updated version

    *Please note I have'nt been to the 'shot in many a moon and have no idea bars etc that are left, I was just illustrating a point, please substitue with alternative Collie version
  3. I saw the film in Aldershot when it was released in 53. I was only a kid at the time but I remember that there was a big display of equipment supplied by Airborne Forces set up in the foyer of the cinema.

    There were rumours doing the rounds, that during some of the filming, Alan Ladd who was so small by comparison to others,that some shots were filmed with other actors standing in a trench. For myself, I thought it was great at the time. Watching it now for old times sake :wink:
  4. Classic film, with one of the best ending lines, as dying jock RSM says "I pity the man who hears the pipes and wisnae born in Scotland". As the lads think he is having dying hallucination they all smile wryly - then they hear the sound of RSM's old regiment coming up the road to sounds of pipe show!
  5. Don't know about the trench business but I have it on very good information that their was a certain amount of bad feeling between Alan Ladd and Stanley Baker, apparently Alan Ladd was a tad pussy whipped and not allowed to stay on site at the end of a days filming, being ordered back to the hotel by his wife.
    Whereas Stanley Baker was to be found in the bar getting the rounds in with the extras (serving paras) and generally taking the urine out of Ladd's 'hard man' image.