Alan Johnson quits

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Mornin' Trigger!
  2. If this story is true then where does that leave this plod? Any rozzers know if chucking your muck up the wife of the person your protecting is grounds for suspension / dismissal?
  3. Johnson: What the hell are you doing!?

    Davidson with trousers round ankles: Full cavity search....Nick Nick.
  4. Perhaps his got confused about his title of Protection officer which meant he thought he was some sort of prophylactic, like a condom??
  5. More importantly, anybody got pictures of Laura Johnson?
  6. Now he has a blob on his character I would assume!
  7. Being replaced by Balls must seem somehow ironic.
  8. Not a very good one I`m afraid.

  9. thats quite an old phot, judging from the colour of his hair, he's as grey as a grey thing now (prob from coming home from a hard day at the office to discover his wife's bodyguard wearing his dressing gown)
  10. 1997, so she probably looks like a moose nowadays.

    edit: recent one from the daily mail

  11. "Nee-Naaaw... Neeew-Naaaw.... the Police are cumming make way... make way....."
  12. she driving herself these days?!
  13. Looks like he never had the need for those Johnson Cotton Bud ear de-waxing arrangements, she looks like she has her tongue rooting deep in his right Jo-Kinnear in that pic...
  14. So he wants some time of to celebrate getting rid of her?