Alan Johnson as Home Sec - were all doomed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PCLG, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Alan Johnson as home secretary means that our civil liberties will simply disappear.

    I probably should slag him off or one of his hench men will come and get meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................

    Views on new cabinet?
  2. The job will crush Johnson i think... Well hope to be honest.

    The rest of the cabinet if the country wasn't facing a war and trying to not go tit's up bust i would say was entertaining
  3. He has just said that this job is "way above his expectations".......more like talent
  4. The mans a c unt.
  5. Dead right! He has the job of getting the United Kingdom Boarder Agency (UKBA) up and running out of HM Customs and HM Immigration (note no 'HM' in the new 'Agency'). With all the 'legacy staff' issues to sort out, new pay and condition to set in two departments with very different working practices and militant unions. He will have his work cut out with UKBA alone not to mention all the other Home Office short commings. Good luck mate! :wink:
  6. Freudian slip?

    After all we do seem very good at accommodating any f***er who turns up wanting to stay.
  7. Not any more! Jaqui (however she spells it) told us that she had done a fantastic job in tightening the boarders. Can't say I'd noticed!
  8. Another 'lightweight', but who else is at 'Stalin's disposal?

    Alan Sugar! Hain! West! Glenys Kinnock!!!!! This MUST be a practical joke!

    The government of all the (expensive) nobodies.
  9. I fully agree. I work in the bowels of Govt (about 6 inches from the arrseholes), and occasionally run across our lords and masters. The ones who actually seem to want to do the job tend to be 40 watt light bulbs or single issue nutters. The others are just time servers at best, or pure scum who treat the public and sometimes their staff with contempt.
    The fact that Gordon can't find a single up and coming back bencher but has to scrape the litter tray for hacks like Hain and the less distinguished Kinnock says Labour is politically bust for a decade.
  10. Alan Johnson for Home Secretary? Why are they giving jobs to working class people? It's a bloody outrage.

    "It's Elaine from 'People on the Toilet'! The man's only a television genius".