Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Though nothing new...

  2. Given the 'threat' from Iran--I bet Bush wishes he had not been so fast at removing Saddam !
  3. No sh1t, Sherlock... :roll:
  4. :x Most people know it was for OIL. Greenspan also caused the present credit problem in the U.S. by allowing the Fed. to have very low interest rates. Also Greenspan the myopic Jew told people to by shares again and again giving false hope the stockholders, many who lost everything on the overpriced stock market that he helped to happen, now you will see the fallout in the U.K.of his low interest actions. read up his history not good for many broke people in U.S. he has now been the driving force of Two boom to busts in the U.S. wait until you want more credit this Christmas, Mr Greenspan has a lot to answer for. :x :x :x
  5. In other news:

    Pope is Catholic.

    Bears sh1t in the woods.
  6. Come, come now gentlemen.
    How many of us are being a little intellectually suave, but only after the fact?
    Surely we remember the time when Iraq was not about oil, but all and only about WMD, yes?
  7. node: "Also Greenspan the myopic Jew "

    I say, bit strong what? Just undermined your whole case..
  8. For your sake, I hope that was a Wah... 8O
  9. :x :x :x True read his latest history, two big financial bubbles caused by his vain belief that he was always correct and would not listen to more clever people like WARREN BUFFET, one of the best and clever money makers in the U.S. second in worth to Bill Gates, the fallout of his very low interest rates in the U.S. are now being felt in the U.K.wait for Christmas for the credit squeeze to come to U.k. :x :x
  10. Those Americans eh... They have kept us guessing all along; who would have thought it eh?

    Troop reductions, post-war planning criticism etc and it was all for oil. I, for one, will sleep better at night knowing the great and the good on both sides of the Atlantic are so clever they knew how this would all turn out. :roll:

    Note to self - books not to buy:

    'Go Ing 2 War For Religen (sic)' by Dubya Bush

    'Oil, Glorious Oil' by Alan Greenspan

    'I Did It My Way' by Tony Blair

    'Prudence Was Killed By A Time Travelling Conservative Assassin in a Branch Of Northern Rock' by Gordon Brown

    'I Had Doubts About Post-War Planning' by Sir Micheal Jackson

    'Those Kids Looked Much Older' by Micheal Jackson
  11. No it most definitely isn't. Before it all kicked off those who supported it kept insisting that the coming war had nothing to do with oil.

    Now apparently we all knew it was about oil all along! So were the war supporters lying before the war then?
  12. :lol: :lol: The BBC report on the speech Greenspan is hardly going to say I told investors time and again to buy stocks and shares, and as the hype continued the overpriced shares including dot com and junk bonds left lots of people in the U.S. broke many are still working in their seventies to pay medical bills and to survive. Nor is he going to say I as the guy in charge of the FED got interest down so low that people without a job in trailer parks could get a loan, just to mention some poor people, but as soon as interest rates went up the poor people could not pay off these loans, mortgages .Now the U.S. housing is in one terrible state and the effect of some $200 billion us will be coming home to roost. He was correct to mention G W Bush out of control bills on spending. Why is he making this speech? people have short memories so he can blame the Republicans, and as he is in the consulting company game, well Democrats will control the money, and in the U.S. you suck up to the holders of the money, if you want the big bucks. So just wait until Xmas to see tight credit, Northernrock is just the start :x :x :x
  13. In a word...YES!

    Well, either they were lying b@stards or fcuking idiots. Pick one.

    The dogs in the street could have told you that GWII had fcuk all to do with WMD, saving the Iraqi people or anything BUT oil, money from reconstruction and, in the case of Bush, Messianic self-delusion and vanity.
  14. We were in Sierra Leone to protect democracy and a rare animal that resembled a domestic pig but with feathery shoulder attachments...