Alan Ball. 1966 Cup winner dies

I remember watching him as a kid at Goodison, he used to wear those mad white boots which, for the day, were a bit flash, we all wanted to be him except for the ginger hair!
Met him in a club in Southampton in about 1982, p1ssed out of his tiny wee ginger mind. He latched onto my arm and kept sqeaking "eh eh got one up yer sleeve, eh ave yer ave yer eh eh.... " as only the truly p1ssed can do. Never knew what he was on about but he kept us entertained for at least 90 mins.

RIP Bally.
He'll be playing keepy uppy with Bobby Moore about now! He was a top man and a sad loss to the old school days of football. Socks down, sleeves up, crap celebrations and no messing about!

What really cheesed me off this morning that when I turned on Sky to watch the news, who was the first person I saw taking about "Bally"?

Tony bloody Blair!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. That man.........

Alan thought he was a tit - he told me!
I've just heard that all the funeral arrangements are being organised by David Beckham.

Victoria suggested it as he's a known dead ball specialist.
Tony Blair says he always admired Alan Ball? Well that MBE wasn't particularly admiring was it? He deserved a CBE on the current scale of awards to achievements!

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