Does any of you old crusty REME farts out there in cookoo land have a copy of the video, i could get a copy off.

So need to see how thin i was back then for my new years ress, give me some thing to aim for. me STOKEY, does anyone know were WIGANER .

Please help this crusty old artisan.


Saw your post here and the names mentioned brought back some memories. Sorry can’t help you as I went through in 86. There is an upside my basic video is quite frankly shite, with shots and scenes taken from our backup platoon 2 week behind us and the picture quality is shocking you would be hard pressed to recognise yourself. My, now DVD copy is still the disappointment it was when I first got it. Good luck in finding yours and thanks for the blast from the past, but didn’t see Sgt M name so I’m guessing he’d moved on.


War Hero

I still have the video, can get a mate of mine to transfer to DVD after Xmas if you want a copy.

Eyes right to the rabbit during the stretcher race on the Colby cup, getting ripped off for said trophy by the fat stripy in Anzio 6 when Dean H went down with heat exhaustion.

Song at beginning buffing floors to Star Trekking, at the end Tom Jones its not unusual in the Naafi.

One of the lads had had his hair newly steaked the day before arriving and looked like a Leopard after the visit to the barbers.

Last I saw of WIGANER was at 39 Regt RA in Sennelager 94 married the girl he met while at SEE not seen since though.

fyi i was the one who rather inadvisedly admitted to being a little on the inexperience side when it came to the ladies just before we went on adventure training to Lulworth cove.


edited to add the bit abour wiganer
Cheers dude,
memory a little hazzy at the moment, still getting over the 19 years of drinking cheap beer and eating all those bordon kebabs on various courses.
I am off to sunny shores or shoud i say sandy shores tomoz, but it would be good to have a copy of the video on DVD .
Dont know how you will get it to me, u can e mail me on andytankboy hat ott male. Dot come and we can exchange addresses.
curently at a REME Bn in wiltshire.
cheers dude, u r a star.


War Hero
Not a problem mate will probably be the new year as have finished work for Christmas but will get onto it as soon as I get back in, will PM/ e-mail when its done so keep and eye out.

Same goes for any one else on these boards who was in Alamein 6 if you want a copy give me a shout and I'll get one done.


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