Aladdin Mugs

At 5 quid would you buy one?

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Quite a few people have been asking about these. The design is done and they will look something like this:


They would be the 'pucker' aladdin buttet-proof mug shown, although with a black rim if we can get them.
If these go ahead (suficient demand), I'll get a china version done too as there are economies of scale with setting up the print, so it will be better to use the MrPH design for both. Would be about 3 quid for a china mug I think.
Minimum number for green plastic mugs is 144, so I want to make sure there's reasonable demand. I'm sure they'll sell eventually as they're a fundamental part of most people's kit, but we don't want to have a house full of green mugs for the next 2 years! I'll watch the poll for a few days then would hope for fairly quick delivery from the importer / printer - less than a month.
Pitster said:
Good CO,

I will have a china mug, but not the Aladdin, as I don't have a need since I left the TA :-(
What about the next time you do a 'for old time's sake' stag in your back garden? Or is it just me that does that?
So diggin in in the back garden isn't normal then?
Guess i'll have to believe the wife from now on !!!
China ones seem a good idea as the old ones are no longer available
my 'Army get shot at' went down a storm with my C.O. in Iraq, he wasn't a bad sort for a reg

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