Aladdin Mugs

At 5 quid would you buy one?

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Quite a few people have been asking about these. The design is done and they will look something like this:


They would be the 'pucker' aladdin buttet-proof mug shown, although with a black rim if we can get them.
If these go ahead (suficient demand), I'll get a china version done too as there are economies of scale with setting up the print, so it will be better to use the MrPH design for both. Would be about 3 quid for a china mug I think.
Count me in for both formats - any idea when they could be available?

Minimum number for green plastic mugs is 144, so I want to make sure there's reasonable demand. I'm sure they'll sell eventually as they're a fundamental part of most people's kit, but we don't want to have a house full of green mugs for the next 2 years! I'll watch the poll for a few days then would hope for fairly quick delivery from the importer / printer - less than a month.
Good CO,

I will have a china mug, but not the Aladdin, as I don't have a need since I left the TA :-(
Pitster said:
Good CO,

I will have a china mug, but not the Aladdin, as I don't have a need since I left the TA :-(
What about the next time you do a 'for old time's sake' stag in your back garden? Or is it just me that does that?
yep put me down for 2 of each
So diggin in in the back garden isn't normal then?
Guess i'll have to believe the wife from now on !!!
China ones seem a good idea as the old ones are no longer available
my 'Army get shot at' went down a storm with my C.O. in Iraq, he wasn't a bad sort for a reg
Two China of 1pint capacity (Caffine addict) for me as apposed to the Aladin.

Ill take one of each please, Sah!

Two China, one Aladin please.
2 china and/or 2 plastic for me too please!
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