Aladdin flasks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TurboThreaders, Nov 18, 2006.

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  2. It's like the famous pistol grip cavity on the rifle 5.56.... many many theories have been theorised, but nobody actually knows. Nobody.
  3. you're right, you are a complete tard
    in the centre of the lid you will notice a small rubber bung, when the pressure gets to much the removal of the lid is nigh on impossible. unscrew 2nd lid, push down on small bung and WOLLAH you can uncrew the lid
    in short it acts as a pressure vacuum release valve cover.

    nothing wrong with keeping it in your ammo pouch, i keep mine there. along with mars bars, don carry ammo its way to dangerous
  4. Not so - my Aladdin mug has a two piece lid, the top disk of which does indeed screw off. There is no rubber bung. NEXT!!!
  5. Sugar possible ?odd design .
  6. Bit off topic, but I've had a flashback :roll:
    Whilst with 47 Field Regt a well known collecter of other peoples throwaways found a flattened aladdin flask in a skip in had been run over by an abbot.

    The gypo sent it back to Alladin and tried to claim a replacement, as it should have been unbreakable!

    He got fukced off :lol:
  7. It's for the Genie.


    When Aladdin rubbed his flask...
  8. Is the top disk metal and the second lid plastic? Does the second lid indent bu about 5-10mm and have a little knob in the center? if it does that little knob is the bung Northern monkey was talking about.
  9. Hmm, them Aladdin flasks are a good bit of kit. Bought four in 1980 for £7.50 each, kept two, gave one to my dad and flogged the other for £15. My two are still in good perfect working order. Good investment.

  10. 2 lids? Mine (Series II, it says on the side) came with only one. As the lid is neither leakproof nor insulated, it's a load of w*nk.
  11. must have bought from the same batch as me, i put it in my fcukin pocket and get b*llocks covered in tea :x
  12. I actually sell these and the second lid is for the storage compartment as advertised by Aladdin!!! Not quite sure what you would want to store but thats what it is there for.
  13. do the ones you sell leak cause i have had 2 now and they both leaked :cry:
  14. No Jase the ones I sell don't leak. If I was u I would have taken them back to where you got and demanded a refund or replacement. :twisted: