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Thought I'd post this here as well. For info of dog owners in the Scottish Borders. From a vet in Galashiels.
We are very sad to report a confirmed case of Alabama Rot in a lovely young retreiver dog from our area. Georgie became unwell a few days after developing a skin sore on her lower leg. She had been playing in and around local rivers including the Tweed in the days before she became affected. As a profession, vets still don't know the underlying cause of Alabam Rot but it might be a bacteria contracted from water or muddy ground. The first sign is usually a sore on the legs, belly or face which might be bald, swollen, moist and quite red looking. This infection causes irreversible kidney failure so almost all dogs will sadly die of it. Some dogs have survived by travelling to the London Vet School for dialysis treatment but there is no local centre offering this treatment. Our best advice to try and avoid this infection is not to let your dog play in rivers or muddy areas. If they do get wet or dirty on a walk then wash them as soon as you get home. Check them for scrapes and sores and make an appointment to see your vet about any wounds you can't explain. Monitor their eating and drinking and if they become lethargic please check with your vet. Hopefully the dry weather will reduce the risk and we won't see any more cases but please be vigilant. Thank you.

Deleted 146133

It's completely buggered my walks. The dogs love going for a swim but it's not worth taking a chance.
I found this from January this year:
'Breakthrough' in identifying cause of Alabama rot deadly to dogs | Metro News

"‘We realised it didn’t affect other animals and so we thought it might be a disease that specifically targets dogs.
‘So I went onto google and found a paper written in 1995 linking an organism which causes kidney failure in dogs.
‘The organism was Aeromonas hydrophila, which is a bacteria I know very well because it also affects fish and we have known about it for a long time.

‘It infects the animal and causes toxins to enter the body which can kill.’
This particular organism can be found in fresh or brackish water, common bodies of water found near popular dog paths."

There was no mention of any effect on humans. However, I did learn something today. I thought dog saliva was mildly antibiotic and that there was anecdotal evidence of it helping wounds heal. A big caution however. In very rare cases ingress of dog saliva in to cuts can be dangerous, so stick a plaster on it and protect the wound.
Specifically dog saliva carrying sepsis or capnocytophaga. Rats urine is a risk to humans too of course.

Man loses both legs and five fingers after getting sepsis from dog's saliva | Metro News

Ex-soldier left fighting for his life after DOG SLOBBER infected him with flesh-eating bacteria

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