Al-Zawahiris Knights under the banner of The Prophet

I have no idea whether this is the appropriate forum, but...

I'm trying to get hold of a copy of 'Knights under the banner of The Prophet'. Lots of the stuff I have, refers to it and then references, who have clearly had second thoughts and taken their translation off-line. It was serialized in Al-Sharq al Awsat (London) 2-10 December 2001 in Arabic. There is an FBIS doc code FBIS-NES-2001-1202, but again this googles to a translation of Al-Sharq al Awsat's leader rather than the text of the book.

Amazon have a selection of titles which refer but I suspect that they have their own reasons for not cataloguing it as hard copy...

Does anyone have any idea how I can track the whole thing down in translation, please? [Invading Afghanistan is not an option as someone has beaten me to it... 8O ]

Thanks in advance,

You could try this:

According to the Guardian review....

"Not least of the virtues of Kepel's book is that it provides in translation a huge amount of al-Qaida source material, such as Ayman al-Zawahiri's lengthy text Knights under the Prophet's Banner, which lays out in full al-Qaida's political programme. According to al-Zawahiri, he and Bin Laden agreed that the failure to mobilise the Muslim masses could only be reversed by an attack of the scale of 9/11, so convincing Muslims of the "irresistible power" of their movement."

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