Al Shaheen Adventure LLC - WARNING

This is a company in the UAE that has advertised in the last couple of years for ex-military, ex-police and teacher/outdoor ed types.

At no point through any of the recruitment process or subsequent employment has the company been honest in the actual benefits available to staff and at present a number of staff members are facing potential prison sentences for bouncing cheques.

Despite contracts being signed by staff members many are not being paid as per their role and some are owed anywhere in the region of 30000 - 100000 dirhams in back pay.

Education allowance has not been paid as per the contract and again people who have paid to bring their families out are now facing massive debt with a number resigning or having to send their families back home.

This is purely a polite warning from someone who has experienced the conditions and dishonesty out here and seen the first hand effects this company has had upon people.

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