Al Quaedas No. 3 is arrested - now in Guantanamo Bay

When the US states that Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi
"will be treated appropriately... in accordance with US law and international obligations", the Pentagon said.
is it as a Prisoner of War or an 'Illegal Combatent'.

If the former is He allowed the rights a POW gets under the Geneva Conventions, if the latter will He truly get what is His under US Law.

It is interesting that al-Hadi is to get His rights now. Where were His rights at the end of last year when He was 'disappeared' for four or five months. Was He then treated as a POW - definately not, or as a prisoner under US law - Hmmmmm.

I am not a terrorist apologist but if we do not behave as the law commands us then we are no better than the terrorists we stand up to