Al-Qaeda Walt!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Life is not what it seems on the dark side!

    Is this the case of an al-Qaeda walt, or more jihadist group using "Be Frank join the army, Be Mohammad join al-Qaeda???

    BBC News - How Britons fled grim jihadist camp

    First part screams walt to the max out, but as I read I couldn't help thinking why I never got to go Sking / Cliff diving / fit bird shagging when I joined up! I wonder if they had sleeping bag blocks?
  2. Were they hoping for something like Exercise SandQueen to pop up on Part 1's.

    Fucking idiots.
  3. 40 Months for being cold / hot, hungry, eaten by mosquitoes and making yourself the laughing stock of your neighbourhood.

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  4. At least now they're going somewhere where they can learn to become terrorists. Good call.
  5. What a bunch of fucking bellends, 40 months instead of 40 virgins...
    Hope their headgear gets caught in a revolving door!
  6. I thought it was 72 virgins? Anyway, as I always point out - We've got a 28 year virgin guy at work (Yes it does happen, I think he wants to lose his virginity to jesus) maybe if he dies before popping his cherry then he'll get passed on to some martyr in the 72 virgins package death!

    Nothing seems to state the virgins will be all girls?
  7. One can but hope that when they get out their arse's won't be virginal. Mind you, the dirty cunts would probably enjoy it.
  8. Bro.....I've just taken a picture of myself and it's not my confused face........

    How the Court staff kept a straight face with all those references to Four Lions I'll never know!
  9. The toy gun meks me hands look big dunnit...
  10. It's good to laugh at these idiots - It's the extremists we need to worry about.
  11. Did they also register as penguins on a chat room?

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  12. The police interviews and court case must have been farcical! I can just imagine them asking in jury selection if anyone of them has seen 4 Lions. Even those that hadn't must have suspected the buffoonery that was about to be unleashed on them. I can just picture the scene is a hushed court as the excused jurors file out and one of them whispers, remember......the Honey Monster is NOT a bear!!